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#72263 by ntoy
Wed Jan 05, 2011 4:37 pm
sharing411 wrote:If using basic Ooma with my current cordless phone and answering machine, and while on a call a call comes in (call waiting) will the call waiting go to Ooma voicemail? Or, do I need Premier for that feature?


Currently your account is setup with Landline config & premier trial is active. In order to take advantage of the 2nd line, you would need to have call forward busy service with your phone provider & at least one telo handset to use both lines at the same time. Also, you would need to call us to call to configure a setting. This may not be ideal since you have to pay for an additional service to your phone provider.

My suggestion would be to contact our support line & to have them change you to an Ooma number. If you are satisfied with using our service, you can decide to port your number later on if you choose to do so.

Note: Accounts that do not have premier service & using a numebr from Ooma or a ported number, will have call waiting service. If you are on the line & another call comes in, you will hear a call waiting beep to flash over to it(one line at a time) if you choose or it will go to Ooma vmail.
#72271 by sharing411
Wed Jan 05, 2011 5:08 pm
Note: Accounts that do not have premier service & using a numebr from Ooma or a ported number, will have call waiting service. If you are on the line & another call comes in, you will hear a call waiting beep to flash over to it(one line at a time) if you choose or it will go to Ooma vmail.

This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.

On the other issue: I guess before I permanently sever my landline I need to straighten out the fact that my Ooma account is set up using my landline number as the primary (integrated into my landline). Am still on the fence about cutting off my landline - we are old friends ;-) It will cost me to re-establish a landline if the Ooma doesn't work out. I don't know what wouldn't work out, though. That's why I'm combing through this forum - looking for possible issues. But that's difficult because any issues would need to be with AT&T serving the Los Angeles metro area (suburbia) if I'm going to compare apples to apples.
#72274 by lbmofo
Wed Jan 05, 2011 5:28 pm
If you really want to test it out, I'd do what ntoy suggested and call customer service to change your setup (from landline integration to standalone; get another number assigned to replace your landline number). That way, your service is completely isolated from the landline. You'd want a LA number for your main #? Do you have a Miami number for the 2nd number (that number you posted)? In any case, once you feel comfy enough, then you can initiate port.

BTW, IMHO, using Ooma VM is so much more convenient. Accessible via any phone (call your own number) and web. Depending on service level, you can even get notification via text/email to your mobile phone with mp3 attachments and such.

Just pick up your phone attached to Ooma and press "play" to setup: ... /voicemail
#72278 by sharing411
Wed Jan 05, 2011 5:54 pm
I wondered if how I'm currently set up isolated Ooma from my landline. I guess not. I will call Ooma to set my Ooma up as a standalone. The number I gave in an earlier post is not my number, nor is it a number I've ever seen - that's why it concerned me when my phone company told me that that was the number that I was calling from. ;-) I wonder how many people on this forum are calling that number thinking they are going to get me on the other end, ha!

I'm on the fence about whether to pay $9.99 for Premier or just have basic. If I choose basic and during this Premier trial I have a second number, what will happen to the second number if I choose basic at the end of the trial period? I'm assuming that it just goes away. BTW, I'm not going to port my number.
#72369 by sharing411
Thu Jan 06, 2011 5:29 pm
I didn't call Ooma yet to turn it into a stand-alone. When I was setting up the Ooma and was given the 2 options, one being integrate into landline, I didn't understand the consequences of either option and choose the one that seemed would be least disruptive - integrate into landline (or something like that). My question now is when I call Ooma to set it up so that it is operational as a stand-alone will the Ooma Telo box not have a plug installed into the "Wall" port? And, until I disconnect from my landline will my phone that is plugged in to the wall directly ring when someone calls my landline number, and if I have my phone plugged directly into the wall how will the Ooma ring when I get a call on the Ooma #? I guess the short question is, once I get set up with Ooma for it to 'stand alone' will the wiring in and out of the ports be any different then they are now (integrated with the landline)? Then, I guess, when I have my landline turned off the port occupied in the Ooma will be "Phone", right?
#72370 by lbmofo
Thu Jan 06, 2011 5:48 pm
After customer service sets you up in standalone mode, they'd assign you a new number for your main Ooma number. Then you'd disconnect the phone cord that's going from your house wall jack to Ooma's "wall" port and then you'd do a reboot of your Ooma (power off and power back on). Now, you are running Ooma standalone.

All calls going to your landline will not ring phone(s) connected to Ooma; only phones connected to your house wall jacks will ring. If you have call forwarding feature on your landline, you can forward your landline to your Ooma number; then, when you get a call on your landline number, phone(s) connected to Ooma will ring.

Once you get rid of your landline, you can go out to your NIB outside the house, disconnect your house wiring from the telephone company and then feed Ooma's "phone" port to your house wall jack so you'd have Ooma dialtone throughout your house. viewtopic.php?t=6853

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