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#5010 by Pandora
Thu Mar 19, 2009 3:59 am
I read that Ooma has announced new premium features to enhance the Google Voice Experience. It sounds great. Will they be part of the normal premium service or will there be an extra fee google premium service?
#5027 by donwob
Thu Mar 19, 2009 10:07 am
I'll go out on a limb here, and say ooma wants the recurring premier income month over month and year over year. It has been stated that the current premier upgrade is running at 20-22% of all ooma devices. I think that is lower than they want, and ooma wants to provide a bigger feature set to get that revenue. These additional services, and the features of Google Voice could move more people to the premier service.

I would guess that the Google Voice is that carrort to get more of the recurring revenue from non-premier customers (45-65%+)and get more new customers using ooma and Google Voice.

That said, I would say that the Google Voice will be part of Premier at no additional cost.

ooma has also stated that they are interested in bandwith and security management using the ooma device. I think it make sense that those services fall outside the Premier Phone features and might be Premier Network Security.
#5814 by fishmister
Thu Apr 02, 2009 3:11 pm
I have a Google Voice account because I was using Grand Central when Google bought it.

Google Voice is a separate service that is free right now. The premier features will allow you to use Google voice with ooma. So you have to be a premier customer if you want to integrate Google Voice. At least that is what I have gathered from reading the news posts about ooma and Google Voice.
#5990 by BCNeuman
Sun Apr 05, 2009 1:33 pm
I have been using Google Voice for almost two years (actually, I was using Grand Central, which Google bought and recently rebranded). Even without Premier, Google voice can be used with Ooma. You just make your Ooma number one of your end-points.

This has worked great since the only number that people used for me was my Grand Central (now Google Voice) number, so there was no need for me to port my phone number, just accept a new Ooma number, and direct it to Ooma (plus my cell, plus my office, etc).

Now, Ooma has announced (what I assume is future) integration with Grand Centra, which I presume will be a feature of the normal Premier add ons (I hope it won't be extra beyond Premier). The integration that Ooma has announced goes significantly beyond the interoperability with Google Voice that I have already described, and will make Google Voice significantly better.

The two things that seem most promising are, 1) the ability to set your outgoing caller ID to your Google Voice number. In my case, that would be great, since it is my Google voice number that everyone knows. They don't know my physical phone number (used to be ATT, now it is Ooma), and I don't want them knowing the physical one lest they add it to their address book - so I have tended to block outgoing caller ID. The ability to generate my Google Voice number on my outgoing caller ID will be a great feature, by itself worth the $100 per year for Premier.

2) for households with multiple Google Voice numbers (like mine, I have one and my wife has one), Ooma has claimed they will be able to distinguish incoming calls base on which number was called and make it ring differently (and presumably even ring on a different phone (i.e. the Hub vs. the Scout). This is another great feature, and combined with one, it makes Premier well worth it. On this one, I do have some questions about how they distinguish the two - do they have a special relationship with Google, or is it necessary for you to configure Google voice so that the caller ID that shows up is your Google voice number (this is one of the options on Google voice, but if you have to do this, then it means that you lose the caller ID information of who is calling you). Perhaps one of the Ooma people working on the integration can answer this question.

So, in summary, right now Ooma works great with Google voice, and their planned integration will make things even better, in essence solving some of the frustrating characteristics of Google voice.
#5994 by bryanlyle
Sun Apr 05, 2009 4:29 pm
Really looking forward to see how they integrate Google Voice into the Ooma service.

I really enjoy Google Voice (and GrandCentral before that) and it has made my life SO much easier because I can forward my office phone to my GV number and then have complete control over where it goes.

I don't have to involve my IT dept (and they are thankful for that). Folks call 1 number and it just "finds me".

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