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#76090 by oomg
Sat Feb 26, 2011 9:40 am
lbmofo wrote:Thank you oomg. Test faxes sent and email of txn log sent. Hope your number gets better results. OneSuite did drop my first number and gave me another fax number (in the same area code though) to try but it still wasn't a go for me.

O.K. we have completed a rather comprehensive test, consisting of a number of attempted fax transmissions to my OneSuite fax number. Just as lbmofo has commented, certain faxes sent from certain fax machines failed to complete transmission, even though his outgoing fax confirmed delivery. I sent an efax back to each of the machines used in the test and all were successfully delivered (confirmed by lbmofo and OneSuite). I am thinking that the faxes I did not receive may have been blocked by OneSuite which does filter out "junk" faxes. In other words, OneSuite's system may have recognized the number used to transmit the offending faxes a one associated with fax blasting activity irrespective of whether such activity was legal or not.
#76120 by lbmofo
Sat Feb 26, 2011 7:38 pm
Thanks oomg. I've closed my MyFax account as well. Signed up with K7 for free incoming faxes. Works very well. Only drawback is you need to keep the number active every 30 days (get a fax or VM) and u can only get 206 area code numbers (Seattle).

Looking at tnid org, the K7 fax number is serviced by International Telecom. Wondering if termination fees they charge are higher than usual.


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