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#69281 by artandre
Thu Nov 18, 2010 10:38 am
I have stayed up on the tech stuff for many years.

I was a very early internet user; in the 90's I had an A, B, C channel ISDN line coming to my house for internet with dual dial-up connections. Played around 1994 with what I think was the first VOIP phone service for home use (dialpad), was a very early vontage user around 2001.

In general, I am very happy with OOMA service. I have decided to cancel Vontage account. Quality of service in my test indicate voice quality is better, delay as all phones have, is few thousandth of a second longer than Vonage delay, but not noticeable during phone conversations.

Setup was simple, customer service via phone has been outstanding. I have never waited more than a few minutes. My experince with Vontage has always been very long waits and in their early days over an hour.

Only area that I could see needs some improvements would be online user accounts are very basic, but

I wish the management team all the success! :D

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