Having trouble placing or receiving calls or using your voicemail system on Ooma Telo VoIP Phones? Post your questions here.
#4355 by spyder47
Tue Mar 10, 2009 8:44 pm
Fairly new user here. The first 3 weeks have been good with no issues ... until tonight.

Tried placing a call tonight @ 9pm PDT ... no dialtone.
I rebooted (disconnect power) the OOMA hub ... no change.
I rebooted both my broadband modem + OOMA ... still no joy.

I had my son call in from a cellphone. The line rings, but I cannot hear any voice.

As live support is only available during day shift, I'm wondering if my decision to replace a rock solid land line with OOMA was a wise one.
#4386 by spyder47
Wed Mar 11, 2009 11:08 am
Seems my issues were related to my Uniden cordless phones. (The base unit was plugged into the back of the OOMA and had worked well since installation. ) After getting through to OOMA support, they advised me to swap phones. After doing so, I found my dialtone had returned.

I reconnected my Uniden cordless phones back on my land line connection and found that they work just fine.

Is there some problem with OOMA and cordless phones?
#4388 by murphy
Wed Mar 11, 2009 11:15 am
I have not had any problem using cordless phones with ooma. Check the phone cord to make sure the plastic tab is still in place. They break off quite easily and the plug will not stay securely in the jack if the tab is gone.
#4390 by southsound
Wed Mar 11, 2009 11:33 am
If you are using a wireless network and your phones use the 2.4Ghz spectrum, your phone could indeed be causing a problem that could pull your network down. No network = broken ooma experience. I have a Plantronics that does just that. When I replaced it with a Uniden DECT 6.0 phone the problems went away. The ooma is not connected wirelessly, but my DSL modem has a wireless gateway built in so that puts the ooma and the WiFi connections on parity for performance. The DECT 6.0 phones use a 1.9Ghz frequency spectrum that is WiFi friendly.

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