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#57114 by No-More-Telco
Tue Jun 01, 2010 8:49 am
I have two lines. My home line is working great and has been ported, I use the hub. I also have a scout that is or will be assigned to my second line number only.

I also have a second line, that I use for business calls, which I recently ported. I was told by OOMA that if I paid them for the premier service I could have 2 different numbers that would ring separately on the scout and hub. I have not even got that far yet becuase I have a much simpler problem.

How do I forward only my second line to my cell - all the time. I do not want my home line to also be forwarded, because my family uses that line. I only want the second number which is now ported to be forwarded to my cell. I see no place on My OOMA that allows me to do this, but was promised I could do this before spending another $120 with OOOMA for premier.

Line 1, rinngs at home, which is OK

Line 2, any time a call comes in I want to either have it ring both the scout and my cell or ring forward to my cell only.

Please help, I either need to get my money back for premier and port back to ATT or figure this out.
#57116 by bw1
Tue Jun 01, 2010 9:06 am
Do you have your scout setup and working?

Go into Preferences -> Phone Numbers and setup a Personal device and assign the 2nd phone number to it. You will then be able to log into my.ooma with either of your 2 phone numbers and setup call forwarding the way you want.

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