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#56572 by AzJazz
Tue May 25, 2010 7:24 am
I loaded a lot of contacts into "My Ooma". How do they get loaded into the Telo Handsets?
#56573 by bw1
Tue May 25, 2010 7:28 am
On one of the handsets, press the Menu button, then select Service Settings..., then Sync config.
#57174 by bw1
Wed Jun 02, 2010 9:13 am
wmfisher58 wrote:How do Contacts work if you don't have tello? i.e. ooma hub?
Where do I find the manual? :?:

It works just like with the Telo, except that you can't load the contacts onto a handset. You can still setup contacts and import / export them.

The only use for contacts on the Hub would be to have the name show up in place of the caller id. I don't think they have that working yet though. It does replace the name in the call logs.

The only documentation is online - if you click on the question mark on the contact page the following info will display:

Ooma Contacts

Ooma Contacts gives you a convenient interface to manage your online contact list. If a number appears in your contact list, My Ooma will automatically lookup and replace the number in your online call log and voicemail with the name of the contact.
Importing and Exporting Contacts
You can import your contact list from two sources:

* Outlook 2007 CSV
* Google Contacts

When you import, you'll get a list of contact entries that you can choose to import into Ooma Contacts. Also, Ooma will automatically try to merge imported contact information with existing contact entries if both the first and last name match.

When you export your contact list, it'll be formatted in Outlook 2007 CSV format.
Future Features
Ooma is working hard to support the following two features in the future. To be notified when these features become available, please sign up for the Ooma newsletter.

* Ooma Telo Handset Support - You'll be able to sync the Ooma Contact list on My Ooma to your Ooma Telo handsets.
* Contact List Caller-ID Lookup - If a number appears in your Ooma Contact list, the Hub or Telo will automatically lookup and replace the caller-ID name with the name that appears in your Contact list.

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