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#10067 by in2dadark
Thu May 21, 2009 10:32 am
rbuck wrote:Yay!!! That works for me, I am able to dial the number assigned to my Scout using the 7-digit number ending with # symbol. I do have Ooma Premier and do have 10-digit dialing disabled in Preferences-System.

STILL UNRESOLVED: The Scout cannot use this trick to call the main number. So Gramma still can't call us upstairs, but we can call her now. Come on Ooma, please give us a workaround!

Note: I should mention, I do live in an area which requires 10-digit dialing. My local calls still work however, I believe the 10-digit dialing option in Preferences-System allows you to drop the 1 when dialing long distance.

I guess you have to assign the scout because I have premier and don't have them assigned and can't do it with the # sign. If I assign the scout will I be able to answer the scouts calls on the main hub as well..? I'm guessin no.. I'd rather see a fix for this so it can work anyway as well.
#10069 by WayneDsr
Thu May 21, 2009 11:46 am
I don't have any number assigned to the Scout. I only have one number.
I dial my own number in 6 digit format hitting the # at the end. My second line rings, when it's picked up it's me.
I can call the Scout from the hub and the the hub from the scout.

You also have to have 10 digit dialing checked in the lounge.

I don't know why this works for some and not others.

#10366 by rbuck
Wed May 27, 2009 4:04 pm
Well I called ooma support about the 7digit and # no longer working. "Sorry sir, this is not a feature we ever designed or supported. We don't know why that was ever working."

The rep put me on hold for quite awhile talking to other support techs and even a "designer" after I pointed him to this thread proving that this feature had in fact worked for others and was appreciated. Didn't change anything. "Sorry". Not as sorry as we are. I love being the technologist in my circle, bringing great technology to my friends and then being the one that gets to explain why with this new technology YOU CANT CALL BETWEEN TWO OOMA PHONE NUMBERS ON THE SAME SYSTEM!!!!

bah. frustrated.
#10452 by Schizoid
Fri May 29, 2009 10:05 am
I just recently hopped on the ooma bandwagon with one number (in-law's) ported with the next porting on 6/8. So far, I have enjoyed the ooma experience. I have a two number scenario with my in-law's being assigned to the scout. Like others, if one number (via hub or scout) contacted the other I would get voicemail. 10 digit dialing was already checked off so I just tried Wayne's suggested workaround with the # at the end and it worked for me. I have an in-law quarters and an upstairs so this is definitely good news for me. Now, this may change once my second number is ported over but I doubt it will.

#10791 by rbuck
Thu Jun 04, 2009 9:04 am
curious.. I just ENABLED 10-digit dialing and its working again, 7digit number ending with # now rings the number configured for the Scout. Whee.. wonder how long it will work this time. :)

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