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#41374 by WaltB123
Mon Jan 11, 2010 5:47 pm
Earlier today I upgraded to the premier service. I had trouble using MyOoma to reserve my new number so I called customer support. The support person took note of my desired new phone number and manually reserved himself. He instructed me to unplug my ooma hub for 3 minutes to allow the new number to be programmed.

I did so and ever since my Ooma hub will not connect. I've rebooted my hub, cable modem, router etc, several times and nothing helps. I've had to remove the ooma hub just to get my internet back up for my home network.

The Ooma hub shows the red ooma light blinking red, and buttoms 1,2,trash,email all steady bright red.

For reference, I attempted to reboot 'the system' as per the troubleshooting guide.

1. I powered off my cable modem, firewall/router and ooma hub.

2. I powered on my ooma hub first

3. I waited 3 minutes and powered on my cable modem

4. Waited another 3 minutes and powered on my router.

I've also tried other variations, like powering on my cable modem first, all attempts result the same.
#41377 by murphy
Mon Jan 11, 2010 6:13 pm
Log into the hub (http://setup.ooma.com) and on the network page set the radio button that says to use the built in MAC address. Click update.
Turn everything off.
Power up the cable modem and wait until it synchronizes with your ISP. (Usually the cable llight on solid).
If the hub is connected to the modem, turn the hub on next and wait until the tab is blue.
Turn the router on last.

The proper sequence is always from the incoming cable through the equipment in the order that it is connected together.

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