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#33559 by jstock
Mon Nov 16, 2009 6:28 pm
I had a secondary number in the 612 area code I was using for faxing and a number in 651 that was ported and my primary #.

When the Telo Handset was enabled, Cool, I thought I can make the 651 number only ring the handset and not ring for fax calls. Had to call CS tonight to do it, because you can't move the primary # to a personal device in My Ooma. Fine. I understand the logic.

So CS switches my primary to the 612 number, and moves the 651 to the handset. Incoming calls to both numbers work as expected. Any outgoing local calls on the handset now need the full 10-digits apparently because my primary # is now not in the 651 area. This is most definitely not the behavior I want, or expected since the handset still shows it's number as 651-xxx-xxxx and I also made that the default caller id number.

I'm slightly irritated that the handset doesn't appear to pre-append its local area code for outbound calls, and that the CS rep didn't mention this might cause an issue. Dennis P if you happen to read this and can possibly fix this, or undo the change tonight, I'd appreciate it. Otherwise, I guess I'll have to revert to Shared Devices and the 651 as primary when CS is available tomorrow.

I hope this limitation is addressed at some point in the future.
#33649 by Dennis P
Tue Nov 17, 2009 10:20 am
@jstock, it looks like you had customer service restore your account to it's original state.

Here's what I would suggest to do what you want: personalize the Telo device (instead of the handset) and move the 612 number over to it. This will cause the fax number to only ring on the Telo while your 651 number will ring on your "shared" devices which will just be your handset. This has the additional benefit of being able to ring multiple handsets if you get more in the future.
#33651 by jstock
Tue Nov 17, 2009 10:38 am
You sir, Rock!

I was worried at first because it was ringing both lines for the fax number, but I rebooted the Telo and now it handles it perfectly.
#33935 by Wilsonium
Thu Nov 19, 2009 12:10 pm
I believe I read somewhere here that they're looking at a more flexible way to assign numbers to handsets and the Telo. So in a future firmware update you might be able to have any of your numbers ring any combination of one or more handsets or Telo. Until then I believe this is just a work around... if I'm wrong Dennis P will sort me out I'm sure.

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