Why Does Ooma Landline Integration Require Unmeasured Line?

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Re: Why Does Ooma Landline Integration Require Unmeasured Line?

Post by Boondocs » Sun Aug 16, 2009 6:13 am

MikeekiM wrote:
WayneDsr wrote:911 calls go out via ooma and use your personal data in the Lounge for your residence location.

Call your local police and tell them you want to make a test call to insure your voip phone system is working for 911. They will usually tell you to call right back on 911 (unless they are busy). In smaller towns you may even get the same operator.

I live in San Francisco, and for some reason, I am not sure they will allow me to do this... If I call one of the many police departments, or even the police headquarters, I doubt they have the capability to connect with the 911 department and tell them to expect a test call from 'lil ole me... :)
I did the same here in the Pocono's. 911 address was correct.
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