When calling into my Ooma line - callers hear no ring

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Re: When calling into my Ooma line - callers hear no ring

Post by RickO » Tue Dec 29, 2009 8:03 pm

blp wrote:I am having the exact same problem and also am in the 919 area code. Don't know if there is some pattern with that.

I have called Ooma support more times than I can count and have repeatedly been told that someone will get back to me within 48 hours. No one has ever gotten back with me. My wife is begging me to get rid of Ooma so their days are numbered if they do not fix this soon.

The last time I called, they told me that there was a problem when the number was ported. However, I have Premium and get the same problem with my non-ported number that was supplied by Ooma.

AT&T landline phones get no ring. T-Mobile cell phones get no ring. Verizon cell phones get a ring after a slight delay. AT&T cell phones get a ring.
I live in the area code 919 area also and had the same problem with inbound callers not hearing ringback. I thought that the number prefix, (516), might be the culprit. The folks a ooma were kind enough to give me a number with a different prefix and the problem went away immediately, (by the way, I tried 3-4 other 516 prefix numbers and they all had the same issue). 516-xxxx is not a number that I would want to have.

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Re: When calling into my Ooma line - callers hear no ring

Post by Avid109 » Thu Feb 04, 2010 2:45 pm

I'm having the same issue -- at least with my temporary number. I'm in area code 336 (I've noticed that several people in North Carolina are having this problem). Hopefully, the problem will go away once my number is ported.

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Re: When calling into my Ooma line - callers hear no ring

Post by amoney » Thu Feb 04, 2010 5:21 pm

OomaParadox wrote:My problem has finally been fixed. I was lucky that I was able to test my system several times a day (we kept our landline for home security purposes) and kept a log of when the problem occurred. I also had the problem w/ my next door neighbor. So I had 2 phone numbers I was able to supply to the CS for testing. I don't know what they did, but it involved the local phone company. They didn't tell me the exact problem, but said that several things were tried by the phone company & an error in their system was corrected. For what it's worth, our landline had a success rate of about 50%, while my neighbor's line failed about 99% (I think it worked 2 times since we installed Ooma in the early part 2009). To my knowledge, the issue is fixed, my neighbor now hears the ringtone everytime. I don't know if it is a fix per phone number or a general circuit type fix, but no one else who has called has mentioned not hearing the ringtone. The only issue now is that I do not see the caller ID of my neighbor. It still lists the caller ID as "Out Of Area". I told the CS that I would check to see if my neighbor has called transmission blocked or if it is turned off in some manner. If it isn't, then I will open up another trouble ticket under another issue of Caller ID not being displayed.

This issue was not really addresed until I kept calling to get an update on status and it finally got escalated up to a higher teir of tech support, so just keep calling every2 weeks or so & document the day & time when a call came in that didn't hear the ringtone. They may ask for the caller's phone number as well to check the call logs & local phone company config. Just hang in there. It took us from early 2009 until the now to get this issue resolved, but now we are recovering our investment in Ooma & hope to break even within the next 6 months.


I dont think I would have hanged in there that long, geesh thats a long time.

I would have suggested calling at least once a week.
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Re: When calling into my Ooma line - callers hear no ring

Post by rajeshh » Wed Jun 23, 2010 9:08 pm

I am having the same issue in the 425 area code. I have had ooma for about 1.5 months. Should I just keep calling them?

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