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#11862 by scarson6
Tue Jun 23, 2009 7:02 am
This is a problem I had and I found the solution on my own and wanted to post, in case anyone else had the same issue.

After a power outage, the Scout line number would go straight to voicemail, even though the envelope button was not lit, the tab was blue and it appeared to be working fine. The Hub line number worked correctly, but picking up any phone to call out put me on line 2.

I rebooted the Scout, and then the line 1 button began flashing red rapidly, as if it was on hold with a phantom call. I went to the Hub phone, picked it up, and was given line 2. So I pressed the line 1 button, was connected to it and heard just light static.

I hung up, the light stopped flashing and the system was back to normal.

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