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#105190 by Lord Vader
Sat Jan 12, 2013 4:28 pm
Was just wondering if I could disable voice mail on my 2nd virtual #, which used to be my main # before I moved. Currently, when someone calls me but gets no answer on my primary or 2nd or even add-on 3rd #, they go to voice mail. I'm wondering if my setup can be configured in such a way that only my primary # has voice mail active on it. I'd like the other two lines to just ring with no answer/no voice mail, if that's possible.
#105191 by Tom
Sat Jan 12, 2013 5:42 pm
Login to MyOoma and in Preferences | Phone Numbers click 'Add private account'.
Next click on your secondary number and in 'Associate to Account' select the private account you just created.

You're not adding a private device so calls to the secondary number will still ring your telo, but the secondary
number will now have its own voicemail box with its own ring-no-answer value. To set that value logout of
MyOoma and log back in using the credentials of the private account. Set the value to the maximum 59 sec.

Next call support. Ask them to set the ring-no-answer value on the private account to 99 sec. and to disable the mailbox. Calls to the secondary number will now ring for 99 sec and then the caller will hear 'This
mailbox is not accepting messages at this time. Goodbye'.

Calls to the third number will behave the same way after you associate that number with the private account.

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