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#104136 by Cullulloo
Mon Dec 10, 2012 10:05 pm
Call forwarding enabled, all calls ring both home and cell (Multi)

When I put my android (2.2) into airplane mode the following occurs:

no call get through to my home phone (home phone wireless uniden DECT 6.0)
after just 1 partial ring (homephone ) caller gets voicemail message.
voice mail never gets to either OOMA or android voicemail. Not on OOMA box or in email notiofications. Message dissapears.

When I switch off airplane mode all is well.

When I set android to "voice off" (another airplane helper) no problem with either getting messages at home or voicemail.

Just noticed problem, however it may have been there all along (13 months) and I just haven't noticed it. OOMA user 13 months.

does this problem exist for other users? suggestions most appreciated

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