More info on Community Blacklist

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More info on Community Blacklist

Post by sinoue » Wed Jul 18, 2012 9:55 pm


Can you give any details on how blacklists work?

I read that personal blacklists are limited to 256 phone numbers only. Is this true?

I read that community blacklist numbers are generated from overlapping numbers from multiple personal blacklists. Is this true?

Ooma marketing should really closely tie Ooma phone service with anti-telemarketer users. I know this is a huge advantage Ooma has over Vonage, but you really need to go further! Paranoid folks who don't want to be disturbed and are willing to enter lots of info about telemarketers are a gold mine of useful info and will help Ooma be the number one phone provider for preserving family time by preventing unwanted calls.

During setup advocate that users add their phone number to the Do Not Call Registry. Let users know that charities and political calls are not covered. or have the customer make their first phone call to their automated phone system for registering. 888-382-1222

In our Call Logs add a new set of column of choices to deal with telemarketers. The additional set of features that would show how serious Ooma is about empowering customers to be engaged (and evangelizing the use of an Ooma).

New columns:
Checkbox for telemarketer, charity or political.
Checkbox to report telemarketer number to the FCC complaint website (
Checkbox to add number to community blacklist (Ooma URL link to community blacklist page)
Button that gives you the ability to add report to other websites that tracks telemarketers (this is also where Ooma needs to advertise heavily) examples:,
Number of times called. Show the number of times this phone number has called you.

Feature Request:
Add more options to what blacklisted callers get. Offer ability to let customer get a personal greeting asking that they remove your number. Let the user choose from a list of celebrity messages saying DON'T CALL Me (Gloria Estefan's Go Away song). [You should also let users add a lot more personal and celebrity voicemail messages and bring back the good old days of funny answering machine messages).

Keep the green incoming, brown outgoing and red missed labels for the type, but color code the row for new callers, repeated callers that have only called you, repeated callers that you have only called them, blacklist callers, and normal callers that you have called frequently (maybe a color range for intensity of how many times you've talked to each other).

Feature Request:
*666 (unless ooma uses *66 - during a call to interupt the caller with an automated message that says "This is your notification to remove our number from your phone list" and then auto adds the call to your personal blacklist. This is reminiscent of the cool Do Not Disturb button you could buy for old landlines ... B000T2XWQI

Feature Request:
Ooma voice prompt to have the caller press a button or say their name to have their call get through (usefule for thwarting robocalls). Here is a physical product that has that feature: ... B001GBDDJM you can find a laundry list of cool old time devices companies invented at: ... cChart.htm

Feature Request:
Consider making the Ooma Community Blacklist public and let everyone see and report who is on it. Work to make it the number one site for reporting unwanted calls. Consider buying one of the top websites and rebranding it. The folks that are running to the personal blacklist limit of 256 are your best customers. Get them to interact with Ooma more and have them make submissions to the community blacklist with lots of comments as well as increasing their blacklist limit.

I could come up with more, but seriously Ooma needs to get more personality about being an advocate for customers by fighting phone costs and freeing the world of telemarketers! It is a good identity to sell lots of phones and services to (imagine being able to map your cell phone service through oomas unwanted phone call screening services).


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