Having trouble placing or receiving calls or using your voicemail system on Ooma Telo VoIP Phones? Post your questions here.
#95147 by lbmofo
Sat Apr 21, 2012 12:08 pm
Call customer service and they will do it for you. Later on, my.ooma.com maybe enhanced to where you can turn it back on yourself (on/off toggle will be available).
#95784 by TrendChaser101
Fri May 11, 2012 3:54 pm
I have spent several days searching the internet and reading blogs regarding the inability to toggle on/off Ooma voicemail. My main problem is not being able to receive incoming faxes due to a conflict between my Ooma VM and fax machine. After hours of testing, I was able to gain the ability to successfully and reliably SEND a fax to the HP Fax Test line at 1-888-473-2963. Dialing *96 with 3 dashes before the phone number on my HP Photosmart Premium Fax C309a works! Other settings I used: fax machine configured to answer at 2 rings, Ooma answer at 6 rings, call screening disabled, and fax machine Auto Answer: On. I tried playing with the settings, but the aforementioned settings are the only ones that work. I am currently unable, however, to RECEIVE faxes.

Is it possible with a private number assigned to an Ooma Telo Handset to turn off VM on the Primary number or Second Number? Not having fax capability is a major deal killer since we plan to use the new (2012) Telo Handset exclusively for our rental property business. Some bloggers have mentioned enabling "fax mode" for a specific Ooma assigned phone number. The latest firmware must have deleted this option because I don't see it. Why can't Ooma add "Other" under the listed device choices, which are currently limited to 1. Ooma Telo and 2. Ooma Telo Handset. Maybe if we could assign a private number to our fax machine that would solve the problem.

Any ideas?

There has been talk on the forums about Ooma initiating the capability to turn VM on or off with the new 2012 handset, due out in Fall 2012. Is this a possibility? If not, I may need to go back to a landline. :cry:
#95787 by thunderbird
Fri May 11, 2012 4:40 pm
Most people will go into My Ooma, https://my.ooma.com/voicemail and set the Broadband Answering Machine to the maximum number of rings or to more rings then the Fax machine is setup to pickup the call. In this way the Fax machine will always pickup before the Ooma Broadband Ansswering Machine picks up. Then if you aren't going to receive any Faxes, you just turn off the Fax machine and The Ooma Broadband Answering Machine will answer any call to your home, while you are away.
#95789 by lbmofo
Fri May 11, 2012 6:28 pm
TrendChaser101 wrote:If not, I may need to go back to a landline. :cry:

Faxing with ooma works fine for me. Not sure why others have issues but then again I don't use fax much.

Incoming, I've gone with a "fax to email" service....was doing some evaluation a while back. Looked at the $1 a month solution by OneSuite and other $10 a month trials. OneSuite was attractive since I didn't receive much fax and it is cheap but ditched it since I had trouble getting faxes from a certain model of fax machines used at work. Finally settled on K7.net's free incoming fax. Only catch, outside of only 206 numbers, need to call myself and leave a VM every 30 days to keep number active. Since GV allows calls to my K7 number, I know K7 doesn't make $ off of hiked termination charges.

For outgoing, I use my old old old fax machine and it works just fine (didn't have to tweak anything) just by dialing *99.

For important stuff, I prefer to scan into pdf using my all in one printer and email to folks requesting fax; so I can keep a record of what's sent.

If you are a light fax user, Free Faxing Solutions: viewtopic.php?t=13542

If not, instead of going back to landline, perhaps look into some of the premium faxing services like OneSuite, MyFax and others. You may still come out ahead.

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