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#92377 by AppleTree
Mon Jan 30, 2012 2:46 pm
Just began to notice on 30 Jan 2012 around 4:30 PM (afternoon EST) that all incoming calls to our Ooma number are getting the "we are sorry the phone number you called is either disconnected or no longer in service" AGAIN. This happened months ago and started again today.
#92378 by AppleTree
Mon Jan 30, 2012 3:11 pm
Contacted Ooma Live Support 30 Jan 2012 6:00PM EST

Genevieve: Hi, my name is Genevieve. How may I help you?
Genevieve: I'm sorry about this. Your Ooma number please?
Genevieve: Still there?
You: yes sorry
You: 540-XXX-XXXX
Genevieve: Just a moment
Genevieve: I'll do a line test on your number. If you hear it ring, kindly answer even when you don't hear anyone on the line, okay?
You: okay. we have had this problem before months ago and it was a carrier issue.
Genevieve: I'll create a ticket and have this issue escalated now. Here's your reference number --
Genevieve: 120130-001552
Genevieve: I apologize for the inconvenience but we'll work on this immediately.
Genevieve: Kindly wait on your email for updates or you may call our hotline at 1.888.711.6662 in case you need to follow up.
You: thanks. how long will the service be down?
Genevieve: I can't really tell, but normally, resolution time is 24-48 hours.

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