Can Call Out But Never Receive Calls

Having trouble placing or receiving calls or using your voicemail system on Ooma Telo VoIP Phones? Post your questions here.
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Can Call Out But Never Receive Calls

Post by tecoya » Mon Jan 24, 2011 8:50 am

Hello Everyone -

Having a problem with my Ooma Telo. The first couple of weeks were great, however for the last month, I'm only able to call out, but can never recieve calls. Great thing I have the backup number which those calls are "hopefully" routed to.

When I call my number I get the message "to access your account, lease enter your 4 digit pin" which I'm guessing is the voicemail. I try resetting the Ooma box but still the same situation.

Any ideas?

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Re: Can Call Out But Never Receive Calls

Post by lbmofo » Mon Jan 24, 2011 10:11 am

You may have Do Not Disturb turned on? ... %20disturb

As for the voicemail, did you set it up yet? ... il%20setup
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