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#69417 by robcohen
Fri Nov 19, 2010 7:16 pm
The problem I'm having is when callers dial my GV number I get the results below - missing all of my calls from clients who've been given the GV number so they can always reach me. Couldn't figure out why my small business was so slow for a couple of months, then a few persistent callers tipped me off. They were not receiving a VM greeting in most cases, just one beep and I received no message. As you can see from my testing below I replicated this behavior by sending calls to voicemail from my cell by rejecting individual calls and this dumps the incoming caller.

I spent hours with level 2 support at Ooma a few weeks ago and thought the problem was fixed but saw later we hadn't tested completely so I probably wasted about 3 or 4 hours of my time. I'm ready to start pulling the plug because I can't afford to have my business disrupted. For now, I'm giving business callers my direct cell number and try to remember not to reject individual calls in case they're actually going to the GV number so my callers can leave a message.

I don't see how I could be the only person affected this way but whatever is wrong is completely unacceptable and I hate to think about wasting another half day with level 2 at Ooma without getting the problem fixed.

GV number called from unblocked landline; I rejected call from cell phone- caller heard nothing but stopped ringing. I could hear her over monitor but no message was recorded.

GV number called from unblocked number landline; 5 rings & caller heard one beep after she started talking, tried to leave message but nothing there. I could hear her talk over Telo but no message was recorded or logged

GV from temp blocked (*67) cell phone (ATT); I heard ring on cell and Telo (two rings); caller heard outgoing announcement and left message which I could hear after the fact - no monitoring

I have Premier and a GV number that is also my voice mail on my Android phone. My landline was ported to Ooma some time ago. I have multi-ring enabled; Ooma voice mail shows voicemail pickup 30 seconds/5 rings with call screening checked

In GV, call screening is turned off because I can't answer the phone in the car if I have to push buttons

Please help!

#77320 by robcohen
Mon Mar 14, 2011 9:14 pm
Thanks for the heads-up. I checked and call screening is off in GV so I checked Ooma/GVE and found something called 'Auto Answer Delay' in the advanced options. It was set to 20 seconds but I have now set it to Disabled. Is this what you mean? If I recall correctly, the setting in GV was turned off because otherwise I had to fumble for the phone and press something on the virtual number pad in order to answer a call - something I thought rather dangerous to do in the car.

That reminds me I still have a problem where I do not hear callers leaving a message when I'm at home. Is the reason for this because Call Screening in GV is set to off?

I have nearly reached the end of my tether with Ooma. I had at least two months of missed business calls because they were coming in on the GV number and Ooma or GV (never figured out which) was discarding them. It answered the call and gave the caller no greeting and no way to leave a message, just a hang up. I spent a couple of afternoons working with some earnest but ultimately unhelpful dweeb at Ooma and finally just changed my business arrangements so I had no calls coming in on the GV number. I can't afford to starve and ruin my business. Have pretty much decided I'm going to ditch the whole Ooma experiment next time a customer reports a problem to me. Most of the callers are not persistent enough to let me know so for every problem I'm made aware of there may be ten or twenty lost calls. Either I'll go back to a land line or consider Vonage instead.

#77321 by lbmofo
Mon Mar 14, 2011 9:57 pm
If you turn off call screening on Google Voice, the calls are just being forwarded (by Google) waiting for any of your phones to answer. Since your Ooma was set to auto answer, Google thinks you answered the call when Ooma picks up (to do call screening) so Google thinks there is nothing left for it to do.

Meanwhile, your caller gets connected, hears nothing, Google is out of the picture, Ooma detects that you didn't answer (no action from you) so sends some code to Google to have the call go into Google voicemail (would work if your GV call screening is turned on) but Google is not there to listen.

I think the above is what happened.

I also don't think Ooma is to blame here. Configuration error is what I think happend.

Once you setup your GV and Ooma GVE correctly, I would do some heavy testing to make sure things work according to your expectations before letting your business ride on the reliability of your setup.
#77331 by robcohen
Tue Mar 15, 2011 7:16 am
Nice thoughts but config changes were made by the so-called Ooma 2nd level tech and that's where I had left them until yesterday. If he can't get them right on his own product then I can hardly be expected to do so.

The thing about testing is I need to receive calls from random phones not included in my system. I've tried this before having friends call me and everything is fine. Then weeks later I find out I'm missing my business calls. I couldn't even get the Ooma 2nd level person clear that he needed to call me to assure things were acting properly. It shouldn't have to be this difficult.

#77350 by lbmofo
Tue Mar 15, 2011 12:03 pm
Looks like you want to have your GV number ring multiple phones (including your Ooma) but be able to answer using anyone of them. If not answered, have the caller leave a VM on your Google VM right?

If so, on the GV side, turn on call screening; if you don't turn on call screening, be prepared to retrieve vms from somewhere other than GV. On the Ooma side, turn off auto-answer. This ought to fix your problem. Do some testing.

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