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#65021 by the beekeeper
Sat Sep 18, 2010 9:16 pm
We have had Ooma Telo for 9 months, with no issues of any kind. In the last week or so, calls start breaking up after about 30 seconds. There are full second-long dropouts on either end that make it impossible to continue a conversation.

The network setup and internet service has not changed. We are running the Telo behind a Linksys WRT-54 TM router running DD-WRT with the Ooma given premium QOS priority via MAC address. All other service is at lower priority levels.
Our service is Time Warner cable, and speeds are typically 20+ Mbps downstream and 950-980 kbps up. The QOS is set to 800 kbps upstream. The connection quality seems good, with WhichVOIP testing at 1.6-2.0 ms jitter and 0% packet loss.

I've tried putting the Telo in front of the router with the same results. I've tried restarts on Telo, cable modem, and router with no success. I have tested on the echo call number and have the same problem.

Needless to say, we're getting frustrated with no ability to have a phone conversation of more than 15 seconds. Any suggestions?

#65022 by murphy
Sun Sep 19, 2010 1:34 am
If you have Ooma behind your router with nothing connected to the Home port, the QOS values in the Ooma should both be set to 0 (disabled). There is nothing for it to prioritize so it's pointless to have the QOS code running.
#65114 by pinan
Mon Sep 20, 2010 12:45 pm
the beekeeper wrote:We are running the Telo behind a Linksys WRT-54 TM router running DD-WRT . . . .

Just a note. If you meant that you have a WRTU54G-TM (T-Mobile) router, there is no DD-WRT (or other after-market) software for this router. However, there is DD-WRT and others for the WRT54G-TM router.

Just so new people don't get confused.

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