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#63816 by cvillat
Thu Sep 02, 2010 7:09 pm
I'm a new user to Ooma and have been trying it out for the past few days. Calls to almost everyone work great. One of the people I call uses Vonage, and when I call them the ringing on the other end sounds like there are 2 different rings occurring. Also, I can tell that they picked up, but I cannot hear them talking for the first 10 seconds or so. They can hear me just fine though.

If they call me, there are no problems. My current setup is Modem -> Wireless Router -> Ooma. I've setup the QOS and put Ooma in the DMZ. As I said, all other calls are fine, it's just this 1 Vonage user. I haven't tried any other Vonage users though, so I'm not sure if this occurs for all of them.

Any ideas? Ooma seems great, but this would be very close to a deal breaker for me. I haven't written/called tech support yet, but that would be my next options.
#63826 by cylooma
Thu Sep 02, 2010 8:39 pm
I have a friend using Vonage, but I have no issues at all calling his number from Ooma, or vice versa. We live only about 20 miles apart however. I don't know if location or distance has anything to do with the issue you are having.
#63961 by alanrf
Sun Sep 05, 2010 10:58 pm
I am a new user and I have a trouble ticket open on this issue.

I purchased my Ooma Telo a few weeks ago and I tested it out with the temporary number assigned to me. The person I call most and with whom I tested the Telo is a Vonage customer. I found no problems in making calls or receiving calls from my Vonage contact. So, I forwarded my existing phone number with my then provider to the temporary number and all worked well. My friend using Vonage was aware of my temporary number (for calls I made to him) and all went well.

Having been satisfied by my tests I placed an order to port my existing phone number from my previous provider to Ooma. It seems that my then provider terminated the forwarding and prevented it being resumed so I stopped using Ooma for about 10 days until my confirmed port date. On the port date the number was ported (1 September).

It was on that date I started to experience the same issue as reported by the original poster here.

To try to describe it at that time to my Vonage friend:

At first a single normal ringing tone

Then a "click"

Then a very low volume ringing tone sounding more like static than a ringing tone followed by increasingly inaudible tones. This was followed by silence where I missed the greeting of my friend or I missed his voicemail response. Frantic "hellos" could establish that contact had been made when he answered the phone. In the case of his voicemail being missed I was thrown back to the Ooma dial tone.

I immediately spoke with customer support and I still have an outstanding trouble ticket to which I am awaiting a response. However since that time there has been a change that I cannot explain.

I have discovered that for all calls I make:

I get at first a single normal ringing tone

Then a "click" ... I now believe that this means contact has been made with the other person's carrier

Then a lower volume ringing tone. However, I am now able to hear the following ringing tones and the greeting of the person I am calling or their voicemail and that is an improvement over the first day or two after my number was ported.

Nevertheless, this was not an issue when I first registered my Ooma Telo and was using the temporary number assigned to me. I have to wonder why this problem only arose after porting my pre-existing number to Ooma and why, after tests with "Level 2", this remains such a mystery to Team Ooma.
#63982 by Leeway
Mon Sep 06, 2010 10:53 am
I get the two ringing tones (loud one and then softer) on every call I make and I get intermittent clicks sometimes while on the phone. This is all fairly new for me and I keep thinking it will correct itself with a software update somewhere along the line. It is not enough to get me upset.

I only know one person with Vonage and it is very hard for me to hear them. But, that just might be the telephone itself that they are using. Fortunately I can turn my earpiece volume up.

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