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#63537 by willi70
Mon Aug 30, 2010 3:00 am
First, we are using three numbers:
Original Ooma Number
Virtual Number
Google Voice Number, which forwards to the Virtual Number

When someone uses our Google Voice number, which is tied to our Ooma virtual number, the telo will pick up after two rings. I can then hear the caller's voice coming from the speaker within Telo box itself.

I then tested and called the virtual number directly from my cell phone and the same things happened. After two rings, our phone doesn't ring anymore and I can hear the person's voice coming from the the Telo. Lastly, when I dial the Original Ooma number with my cell phone, it works perfectly (four rings and then our answering machine picks up).

Is it a setting somewhere that I'm missing for the virtual number? I only set up the virtual number, so I could use the Google Voice functionality.
#63544 by pinan
Mon Aug 30, 2010 7:40 am
From Ooma FAQ ... extensions:

"Call Presentation and ListenIn with GVE
When a call is received on your Ooma Telo, your phones will ring briefly and then the Ooma Telo will go into monitoring mode so you can hear the Google Voice announcement through the Ooma Telo speaker and handsets.

Even though the Telo has answered call, you are not yet connected to the caller. You will hear the name of the caller as well as the "Press 1 to..." phone menu. To answer the call, simply pick up any phone receiver or Ooma Telo handset.

After about 10-15 seconds, the Ooma Telo will automatically send the call to the Google Voice voicemail. While the caller is leaving their voicemail, you'll be able to hear the user's message in real-time using the ListenIn feature. You can still pick up the call by picking up any phone receiver.

If the caller leaves a message and you don't pick up the call, you will be presented with some choices. You can mark the message as "read" using the key. You can also press the corresponding digits by picking up any receiver."

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