QoS Settings - Question...

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QoS Settings - Question...

Post by bmccollum » Tue Aug 17, 2010 7:20 am

My parents have an integrated 2wire DSL modem / wireless router provided by AT&T.

They just dropped their AT&T landline a week ago and are now using Ooma for their home phone service.

I don't believe they have any other way to connect the Ooma into their setup aside from the following:
--- Phone line from wall into integrated DSL modem / wireless router
--- Ethernet cable from available port on integrated modem / router into Ooma Telo

With that in mind, is there any reason for me to to into the Quality of Service settings for the Ooma Telo and adjust the upload / download settings, or would that be useless to do since the Ooma Telo is connected after the integrated modem / router and not before the integrated modem / router?

I don't believe their 2wire integrated modem / router has any available QoS settings that can be user-adjusted...


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Re: QoS Settings - Question...

Post by southsound » Tue Aug 17, 2010 7:55 am

I also have an integrated DSL Modem / Router - only my provider is Qwest and the Modem / Router is from Actiontec. Right now, I have nothing plugged into the Home Network port of my Telo so there is no need to worry about QoS settings on the Telo. If they have their computer plugged in to that port, then adjusting QoS is a good idea. At one time my configuration was Modem / Router > ooma hub > muliport switch > Telo, PC's, etc. in various ports on the switch. In that situation, the QoS settings on the hub were important - the ones on the Telo, not so much. Note that if they have nothing connected to the Home Network port, they will not have access to setup.ooma.com unless they move some cables or do a port forward of port 80. We can walk you though that if needed.
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