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#62195 by jeffb
Mon Aug 16, 2010 9:12 am
Hello, Today I have had two dropped calls that occurred after being on the conversation for several minutes. The quality of the voices was very good, just lost the ability to hear or talk to the person on the other end. No Ooma dialtone, I eventually hung up due to silence. On my call logs, it states there were two calls to the same number at the same time and both were for the same length, kind of odd. Both dropped calls were to 1-800 numbers, one a elec. utility, and the other to UPS. I have the QoS set at 384 upload. I have either green or yellow on the whichvoip tests for QoS. This is the first I've had dropped calls. Any suggestions on what to do? Thanks.
#62425 by
Tue Aug 17, 2010 3:44 pm
I get this too, it's usually with #1-800's too.

For instance when I call paypal, before I can even enter my phone #, the paypal attendant interrupts herself and says "I did not get that".

Here's what I get..

I call paypal..
"Hello, welcome to paypal, please enter your six digit pin---we're sorry we did not get that"

There isn't even a pause for me to enter it, I get this with all kinds of 1800 numbers. It's like they can't sense that I'm there or something, totally odd.

My upload / download speed is super fast, 30mbps/30mbps fiber optic. I know it's not a speed issue.

OOMA is behind firewall with proper ports forwarded.

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