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#61910 by 9204wilson
Wed Aug 11, 2010 4:43 pm
Hi anyone and everyone out there. The call quality on my Ooma Telo has been terrible in the past few days. When I speak with people, there is a lot of drop out, warble and just bad quality. I have not had anyone complain to me but I certainly hear it and sometimes I have to ask them to repeat. I did a couple of different speed tests and my download is 2.41 mb/s (2410 kbps) and the upload is .28 mb/s (280 kbps). Over the past two months, I had very good call quality but it has just gotten bad in since this past Monday.

Last night At in the quality of service settings, I set the upstream speed set to 223 kbps and the downstream speed set to 0 kbps. The 223 kbps is 20% less then reality as Ooma suggests. Prior to that they were something different but I can't remember what they were set to. I do know that the downstream speed has always been set to 0. None the less, after changing the Quality of Service settings, I am still having the problems.

I did notice yesterday before changing the settings that if I got on the internet while I was using Ooma that I would really get terrible call quality. I would have to get off the internet.

If it matters, I have cable internet.

I have the Teleo between the modem and the router.

Any suggestions as to how I can get the quality to improve?


#61911 by murphy
Wed Aug 11, 2010 4:51 pm
What cable ISP has an upload speed of 280 kbps?
#61944 by 9204wilson
Thu Aug 12, 2010 8:38 am
You are exactly right. The modem had gone bad. As a result, my speeds were drastically lower then what they should have been. I have installed a new modem and, according to, my speeds are back up to 23.59 Mbps download and 2.7 Mbps upload. Thanks for your help.


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