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#55828 by vulcanman
Mon May 17, 2010 6:45 pm
I just got Ooma Telo. The plan is to test it out and if all works ... shut down my Comcast Voice service.

Here is my connection ... (voice sample link in the bottom)

Integrated Comcast Data+Voice Modem -> Ooma Telo -> Wireless Router

No phones are connected to the Comcast Modem. I have one wired phone connected to the Telo Phone jack. When I lift the handset ... I hear the dial tone ... but its cut every couple of seconds with this annoying ticking sound. Calls do go through fine but the ticking sound continues during the call.

I replaced the wired phone with a cordless 2.4Ghz base ... and I can only hear the ticking sound very very faint (perhaps the base-station for the cordless is filtering it before sending it to the cordless phone).

I hooked up the same wired phone to the Comcast modem .... clear as a bell.

I unplugged power from the wireless router ... ticking is still there. So not a interference problem.

I hooked a few other wired phones and swapped out phone cables ... no luck.

The ticking sound is not at a consistent rate.

Here is the ticking sound ... I captured it by putting the wired handset near my laptop's internal microphone. ... gSound.mp3

Also attached here ...
Ooma Dial Tone Clicking / Ticking sound ... mp3 file
(187.14 KiB) Downloaded 256 times
#55842 by vulcanman
Tue May 18, 2010 3:49 am
Some more tests performed last night.

Unplugged the Ooma from the network ... and connected it behind the Comcast Voice. Like a landline connection. The ticking sound is still there.

Unplugged the Ooma from power. Plugged it in. Plugged the wired phone in. As the Ooma was booting up ... picked up the wired handset. No dial tone (since Ooma is still booting up) ... but the ticking sound is still there !!!

I am quite unhappy about having to return this to Newegg and waiting another two weeks for them to process the return and ship out a replacement unit.

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