"BOOST" flashes on my phones LCD?

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Re: "BOOST" flashes on my phones LCD?

Post by JTalbert » Sat Mar 20, 2010 10:35 am

wildbill wrote:panasonic has never got it right with their cordless phones since day one. Even before Dect 6 was out.. I gave up on panasonic phones a long time ago.

Try using a Uniden.
Interesting. I have been using Panasonic phones for a few years, and my father even longer than I and up until the Ooma we have never had a problem with the Panasonic's.

What is wrong with the Panasonic phones and how is Uniden better? We have been thinking about getting new phones for a little while and possibly giving our current Panasonic's to my inlaws. But maybe not. What I like about the Panasonic is the phone directory stored in the base, so each handset has the same directory and love the talking Caller ID. I have not researched Uniden phones in years. Do they have phones that are comparable in features to the Panasonic?

I think my inlaws have unidens and they do not like them. I am not sure which ones they have by my mother inlaw has a bad habit, of when talking on the phone pressing buttons with her face and it really frustrates her. I think the handsets she has are too flat.. I will have to look at them them next time I am over there.
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