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#49217 by JTalbert
Tue Mar 02, 2010 6:24 pm
Bobby B wrote:Pure Voice is currently in beta - folks in the beta program have found several issues that we're currently working on resolving before the feature can be released to all Telos.

How do you invite people to be a part of the beta? Do you all ever open it up to general customers?

Also, how about updates for the handset firmware? Can/ will we ever see any updates to the currently horrible firmware? The handset in its currently state is horrible, I dont use it other than send calls to voicemail. The speakerphone is an abysmal joke, it locks up on me so bad I need to pull the battery on a regular basis to even get the thing to somewhat work. But with the lack of answers to the handset issues, I know this question is going to be blown off again. Why should you care about giving customers a quality product?

I am still working with my cable company to fix some network issues I have but I have serious doubts that its even worth it.

So I will ask you again Bobby B, can I get an answer? You have completely ignored my requests for answers so far. I know I am not the only one on here that would like an answer.
#49220 by oldanbo
Tue Mar 02, 2010 7:01 pm
I think that to be a beta tester you have to be prepared to live with annoyances. I'm just referring to a mindset here, having beta tested software in the past. I don't know ooma's stance however.

#49250 by quantumpot
Wed Mar 03, 2010 5:47 am
Thanks for the post Bobby B. I will wait for Purevoice to see if it has better jitter tolerance. Most folks who complain about OOMA quality have upsteam jitter issues so it would be nice to have it solved.
#49275 by JTalbert
Wed Mar 03, 2010 9:18 am
oldanbo wrote:I think that to be a beta tester you have to be prepared to live with annoyances. I'm just referring to a mindset here, having beta tested software in the past. I don't know ooma's stance however.


I have been a beta tester for various software programs as well as hardware that has either an OS or firmware for over 15 years. I am use to problems and issues relating to testing products. That is why i was wondering if they ever allowed customers to beta test, or if they only do it internally, which if thats the case, for issues such as jitter and phone quality, it would be great for testing to have people in various parts of the country to be testing the device with the new SW. I know I have 18-24 hops when I trace my route, and from what cox is telling me, no amount of QoS on their end will ensure i have QoS once my data stream reaches Ooma over 2400 miles away. Ooma is in California, I am in Virginia.

I dont think being a beta tester for something like this would be a big issue, unless they go 1 or more weeks before they push out new code to try to resolve issues. I am currently a beta tester for a DVR device, I have been a Beta tester for that for 6 years, and we rely on that daily for TV entertainment, and its fun being a beta tester for that.

** Update, I just heard from Ooma that the firmware for the handset is a few weeks out. Oh joy. For something high on their priority list, 2 months without any udpate doesnt sound high priority to me
#51150 by bohicaIL
Tue Mar 23, 2010 2:01 pm
Will it make any difference whether or not "fax mode" is enabled with respect to Pure Voice's implementation?
#52335 by da-cam
Mon Apr 05, 2010 5:05 pm
I too have the same issue with Jitter tolerance. I will likely have to dump Ooma for another phone service b/c it is just too inconsistent. I have been using Skype (weekly) with some friends (video calls) and the quality has been consistently better than Ooma, (of course on the same connection). Unfortunately, it does not connect to all my phones so it is not a replacement like I hoped Ooma would be. If Ooma could create a bigger Jitter buffer, I bet my upstream quality issues would just disappear.

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