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#47613 by jhutchings
Thu Feb 18, 2010 8:11 am
New owner here. Thought I would give my first impressions of this device. I am very technical and have been in the computer business a very long time, so installing this unit was not a problem. I did my research on this forum and finally decided on

cable modem--->router---->ooma

I tried every combination possible, but for me I decided to let my router (linksys WRT54G, stock firmware) handle my QOS. I have Suddenlink with 15 megs down and 1.5 megs up. Testing my line on the voip speed tests show that I have a good pipe to the internet. Now I have tried other solutions:

1. Magicjack -- You know for the price it is not bad, it is stable and works well, I just don't want a computer running all the time.

2. Nettalk TK6000 -- This device is not ready for prime time. The device will loose connection on a daily basis and I have to reset it. This is a known problem on the Nettalk user forum. I will say this for them, their response to questions and issues is very fast. I hope they do well. I will keep the TK6000 and use it at another location.

3. BYOD -- I have a linksys ATA setup up with PBXES.ORG running sipgate, Gizmo, and Callwithus. Really playing with this. I will say the quality is outstanding.

4. OOMA -- Woke up last Sunday and decided I wanted to try this. My local Radio Shack had the OOMA core on sale for 199.00. Decided to try it. The registration and setup was very easy. Played with the QOS settings and how I wanted to place the hub on the network. Finally as I indicated above decided on my current config. Wow this thing (at least for me is crystal clear on both ends of the pipe.) Of all the devices I have tried this one is a keeper. I do not know if I will keep the premier trial, but the hub so far works very well.

Now I have also had Vonage. Way too much cost for what you get. The OOMA hub sounds just as good as Vonage.

So if someone is trying to get into VOIP I can certainly recommend the OOMA system. A close second would be purchasing a linksys PAP2 device and going with one of the better sip providers. The magicjack is ok and in fact my father is using it for long distance calls. But in the end for me I will be keeping my core system.

One final note on customer service from OOMA. I understand that their front line customer support might not be great. I had to call twice and in both cases I got right through and my issues were taken care of. I think between this forum and their customer service we are covered. Anyway thanks to all those who have posted suggestions on this forum. I searched and they helped a lot.
#47628 by WayneDsr
Thu Feb 18, 2010 8:57 am
Yes, welcome to Ooma and please hang around here when you can. With your technical knowledge you could be a great asset in the forums! There's a lot of great people here!

#47651 by caseybea
Thu Feb 18, 2010 10:27 am
You say you're an owner of hub+scout. Have you tried a phone connected to the scout yet? Specifically, I want to know how the call quality, AS PERCEIVED BY THE REMOTE PERSON, is as far as the SCOUT connection is. Lots of us have experienced really crackly sound (only is audible to the person on the OTHER end of the call), and only from the scout-connected phone. Phone(s) connected to the HUB work flawlessly.

(I no longer have a phone connected to the scout for this reason, I purely use it as a voicemail indicator light..).

Anyway, I'd like to know your experience(s) in the above regard?
#47672 by jhutchings
Thu Feb 18, 2010 12:31 pm
Yes I have the scout also. I did notice the crackly sound to the remote user. I did several tests while I was configuring my QOS on the router, and noticed when I ran the phone through the phone line of the hub everything was great, when I ran from the hub to scout then plugged my phone into the scout the sound was degraded. So what I have done is this. I really do not need two phone numbers so I have the hub next to my router in my wiring closet. I have a phone line going from the phone out jack of the hub to my den where I have my vtech cordless phone connected to it. I have a second phone line plugged into the wall plug of the hub and run it to the same location as my vtech phone. There it is plugged into the scout. I like being able to use the scout for vmail notification etc. So I do not have anything hooked to the scout. I have three cordless phones running off the vtech. For me this is perfect. There is indeed a noticeable sound difference between hooking up the phone directly to the hub versus hooking it up to the scout.
#47675 by caseybea
Thu Feb 18, 2010 12:49 pm
jhutchings, thanks for confirming. My setup is just like yours. The scout is still useful--- just not useful as a phone extension...
#47812 by bjdyl
Fri Feb 19, 2010 1:43 pm
I started using the ooma last year of November I think and we tested it for the first time after installation and went fine. And 2 weeks later I noticed the choppy sound every time I call the ooma. I only hear the choppy sound on my end. I thought it’s just temporary but days passed and didn’t change the quality to normal. I started calling the support, we did some troubleshooting and didn’t work still. Finally, they said that it’s because of jitter I'm getting, I’m actually getting 30-40ms or higher than that, sometimes it goes down to 20ms. I already called my ISP and they said they can’t do anything about the jitter. In fact, at first I thought it’s because of my internet speed because I only had basic plan, 300+ kbps download and 1.5 upload speed so I upgraded it to 1MB upload and 10MB download, of course I only get 80-90% of that and unfortunately it didn’t solve my problem at all. The weird thing is I tried connecting it to the other ISP, to the office and my uncle’s house with lower ISP speed and it worked fine. I checked their jitter and it’s less that 10ms. Anyone help me, I believe there is still a way to fix this problem but I just don't know how.
By the way, I have wrt54g linksys router, the ooma is connected between modem and router. I don’t think I have a problem with my ISP speed.
#47819 by Aveamantium
Fri Feb 19, 2010 2:03 pm
Is your ISP wireless (wired ISPs like cable/dsl are better with respect to jitter)? Like you mentioned, anything above about 10ms on jitter will cause issues. And unfortunately, yes the ISP is the only one that can fix this. You could always tell them you're moving on to a competitor if they can't fix it!?

Also, run the test here and report back with the detailed results for us to take a look at.
#47829 by bjdyl
Fri Feb 19, 2010 2:43 pm
I have road runner, the problem is they're the only one that covering our areas for the moment. And that's the reason maybe why it's congested and causing jitter that high. Can't we do anything else about it?

One more thing, how do i explain it to the ISP about that jitter? There was a time I called and the support had no idea about that jitter and finally he transferred me to his supervisor and saying that the jitter has nothing to do with the voice quality and they have nothing to do with that choppy sound. And she told me to call ooma instead.

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