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#48043 by Josh68
Sun Feb 21, 2010 7:50 pm
I've got my Telo in front of my router, and it's okay after a day or so. Seems a little echo-ey and with a slight delay.

According to what I read about QoS in the Telo, I should set upload to between 80 and 90% of my tested upload bandwidth (that's maybe 2500-2800 Kbps). But tonight I found this discussion and started wondering about setting the download speed, too. Problem is, here it's Sunday night and my download speed is less than half of what it normally is. If I were to set it to 80 or 90%, if I understand correctly, this might lead to problems (the diagrams - which I'm sure are simplistic - suggest the Telo might reserve bandwidth outside the actual "bandwidth range" I'm getting [is there really such a thing?]). On the other hand - and I think I understand this - if I use really conservative values, I'll be throttling my connection way down every time I pick up the phone. Or am I totally off track. Or ... because of what people are saying here, would I really be better off putting the Telo behind my router and trying to use its QoS, and prioritizing the MAC or statically assigned IP of the Telo down the line, and leaving both of the Telo QoS settings at 0?

I hope these questions make any sense!!

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