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#44693 by JTalbert
Sun Jan 31, 2010 7:10 am
Three times last night we encountered a strange issue.

We were talking on the phone for about 50 minutes, we heard a electronic beep on the phone then we could not hear the party we were talking to. They could hear us. We hung up called back and within a few minutes same thing, a beep and then we could not hear them. This happened three times. The other strange thing I noticed earlier that night, is our Ooma handset was not working well either. I would pick up the phone to make a call, all I would hear was static. It took me a few minutes of working on the phone to get it to work, then after I hung up the phone the same thing happened. I did a reset on my Telo and then later in the evening had a 30 minutes phone call with my non Ooma handset again and had no problem.

The beep issue with not being able to hear the other party was using a Panasonic system, with the panasonic plugged into a phone jack in the kitchen, and the lines being powered by the Telo.

We used this system with our Cox phone for years with no problems. The other weird thing I noticed on the phone was the word BOOST flashing on the handset.

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