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#38464 by tspears
Wed Dec 23, 2009 3:03 pm
I have recently been on a trip to Hong Kong and then to The Netherlands, taking with me my trusty iPhone with AT&T service. When anyone calls me on my local cell phone number, there is a delay before the call is connected, since it needs to be routed through the cell phone provider in the foreign country. The calls come through, though, and all's fine.

However, when my wife tries to call me from our Ooma phone at home, calling a local number, she gets no feedback on her side, my phone rings just once, and then the call is disconnected. Even if I have my finger ready to touch the answer button, I almost invariably miss the call. In many cases she can make 10 consecutive calls trying to connect without one going through successfully (though it does ring just once on my cell phone). Usually I have to call back.

I have to assume there's some setting somewhere on the Ooma service side that determines how long it waits before giving up on a connection, and perhaps this is just a bit too eager to give up. It is a serious problem, though, and really needs to get fixed.

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