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#36472 by bongo
Wed Dec 09, 2009 7:25 am
i can only use speakerphone on my older (very) cordless handset 900 MHz phone there is occasional brief drop out

i need a new phone anyway should i look for a particular GHz?

i read in a newer phone reviews 1.9 GHz is better suited than 2.4 GHz for this system

i'm at a loss since i never imagined this was an issue

thanks in advance for any help
#36473 by hpepper
Wed Dec 09, 2009 7:30 am
2.4 Ghz is a potential problem not with the Ooma system, but with wireless routers/networks, which many operate around 2.4 Ghz.

1.9 Ghz seems to work very well - typically called DECT 6 phones - very clear audio and reception.
#36488 by Davesworld
Wed Dec 09, 2009 9:50 am
Yep, go with DECT 6, not only is less interference a plus but the audio codec used between the base and handsets is superior, this is just a sample of the many things that make DECT 6 a superior system as a whole over previous cordless systems we've had over the years.
#36491 by southsound
Wed Dec 09, 2009 9:55 am
Even some of the 5.8ghz systems can cause a problem with wireless home networks. Like hpepper and Davesworld suggest, the new DECT 6.0 phones offer a great solution. They are imune to network interferance. They also offer pretty good range, multiple handsets on one base, intercom between phones, ability to have more than one handset active (gramma calls and you, Billy, and Sally want to talk to her), and most offer a great speakerphone. My personal favorites are from Uniden and Panasonic. I paid $75 for my Uniden 1580-5, a five handset model. Only problem is no headset jack, but the phones are excellent. :cool:
#36641 by southsound
Thu Dec 10, 2009 1:33 pm
darkfallz wrote:my 5.8 works spectacularly around all my equipment

That is great that you are happy with your phone! But I didn't say that NO 5.8ghz phones would work - I said, "Even some of the 5.8ghz systems can cause a problem with wireless home networks." The reason is that SOME of the 5.8ghz phones use a 2.4ghz signal for transfering information between the handset and the base. That makes those particular phones as deadly to a network as a basic 2.4ghz phone. And since all phones can switch channels used, they may work fine for a while, then all of a sudden the phone changes channels and problems begin.

My recommendation for the DECT 6.0 phones is that the DO NOT use the same frequency band as WiFi - by design. And since it is the latest technology, you are more likely to find neat features like conference ability and handset to handset intercom. Speakerphones are also nearly standard.
#36827 by Soundjudgment
Fri Dec 11, 2009 3:39 pm


Buy a Telo.

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