Ooma / VOIP Nightmare in the Philippines

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Ooma / VOIP Nightmare in the Philippines

Post by ROoma » Tue Nov 10, 2009 2:41 pm

Hello all,
This is mostly a rant and you probably can't help solving my problem, so don't waste your time unless you are a pinoy or someone with specific knowledge of internet in the philippines, or someone similar experience in the past. I apologize for my rant in advance, it's just been very frustrating.

I've been using ooma hub for about 2 years now. I have to say I love it! it was working beautifully in california and I've been using it for my online business from the get go. I have setup my business 800 number with AT&T forwarded to my ooma local california number and all my customers call from inside US.
I do not have to be in one place as all my business is done online or over the phone. So, I decided to take ooma on my long vacation to the philippines thinking internet connections couldn't be that bad since there are many call centers over there. Well, that was a big mistake! After being here for about 5 months, I've decided to leave just because of the phone issue. However, I won't be able to leave (personal reasons) for two more months.

After doing many VOIP tests (here: http://www.whichvoip.com/voip/speed_test/ppspeed.html) I'm pretty sure the issue is with ISP congestion, low QOS and high jitter.
For the most part, incoming voice is OK and I don't have a problem hearing people on the other end but they always complain they can't understand me because the line is too choppy, or they just hang up! this has caused me a lot of money and mental health.

I started reading some local tech forums on the subject, the majority of the poster agree the quality of your internet connection depends on where you live and should find out which is the best provider in that neighborhood.

I've moved twice and tried 3 different major ISPs during the last 5 months (Globe, SmartBro and Skybroadband) and non of them have been good enough. I moved to Makati where all the lines are supposed to come in and have a 6mb/down and 2mb/up bandwidth but the jitter is just too much, usually around 300ms and QOS around 15 to 20%. As for CS.. forget it! especially if you call at night shift. They sound sleepy and on top of that I can't understand about 40% of what they are saying and if you ask more than 2 questions, they will hang up on you! :shock: I'm pretty sure, they go right back to sleep. Two technician were sent over at two different times, but all they did was to check the cables and modem health test and promised it would be fixed by end of the same day! and that's just a bunch of BS. I never saw any difference whatsoever!

I have also tried the followings without any success, although they work OK sometimes like 4 or 5AM but very unstable to do business with:

VOIP by Nextiva
VOIP by Broadcore

If anyone has a similar experience and was able to come up with a solution, please let me know. I've not given up hope yet and I'm sure there must be a way to get this working beside leasing a point to point E1 line to US.

cheers 'n beers!

PS; yes I've called ooma support and the person who helped me was a great guy but his conclusion was the same: a poor line quality.

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Re: Ooma / VOIP Nightmare in the Philippines

Post by TomoyoN » Wed Dec 30, 2009 1:41 pm

Did you ever find a solution that was suitable to your needs? I am just wondering as I will be in the Philippines for a few months and I was thinking of bringing my Ooma set with me...

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