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Post by johnboy » Fri May 16, 2008 3:38 am

Hi Bobby:

I had some problems with call quality when others in the house were doing up/downloads. I changed the 'position' of OOMA and put it "IN FRONT" of the router so that it is CABLE MODEM - OOMA - ROUTER. I forgot to 'adjust' the settings on OOMA and ultimately set up the quality of service numbers in the ADVANCED page of OOMA setup.

That helped 90% of the time. But I still get a problem now and then when another computer is doing intense downloads (and mostly uploads).

l suspect that the numbers I put in to the QOS could be better. I took an average of speedtest.net readings from a wired computer into the router and then subtracted 100kbps and put those numbers in.

Any ideas on how to tweak this further?

Does the QOS number tell OOMA how much it can deliver to the router? I get 8mpbs downloads and 1.5mpbs uploads. If these numbers are to 'save' bandwidth for OOMA, I could clearly subtract 500kbps from the numbers without having an impact on the rest of the family.

Should I just lower the numbers in qos by 100k until I get perfect voice quality when the family is doing uploads. Since it's my OUTGOING voice which is the issue, should I do this with the UPLOAD number only??

What do you think?


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Post by Bobby B » Fri May 16, 2008 1:56 pm

Hi John,

Yep, ooma does use these QoS bandwidth numbers so it can "reserve" a portion of your bandwidth. Note: this reservation only kicks in when there an active call on the system so your data traffic will not be affected when there are no active calls. For a single voice conversation, ooma requires only about 32 kbps of bandwidth, but we tend to reserve more than this to account for multiple calls on the system and to give it a bit of a bandwidth buffer.

You do have the right idea about reducing the bandwidth input numbers in your QoS settings to further optimize voice quality for two reasons: the bandwidth of your cable connection may vary and the QoS algorithm works better when you slightly underestimate the amount of total bandwidth available.

Since QoS bandwidth reservation only kicks in on active calls, you may try lowering the upstream bandwidth by an additional 100-200 kbps to see if you see improved results.

Bobby B

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