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#9818 by neuf
Sun May 17, 2009 11:31 am
Hi all --

Recently purchased an ooma, and hung it off the router rather than between modem and router for a variety of reasons.

I read through some of the posts on here, but unfortunately the user interface for the D-Link DIR-625 seems a bit more complex. I was hoping someone here could help me with the QoS settings that would optimize my voice quality.

I have set up a static IP address for the ooma, if that helps.

The QoS engine rules has the following fields for each individual rule:
Priority (1-255, 1 being highest).
Protocol (Any, ICMP, TCP, UDP)
Source IP Range (a from field and a to field)
Source Port Range (a from field and a to field)
Destination IP Range (a from field and a to field)
Destination Port Range (a from field and a to field)

This seems to be a little more granular than the posts I've read (with regards to Linksys or some other routers), and I didn't know if I was putting values into the source fields or the destination fields, or if I should be entering the ooma address for source or destination or both, etc. Basically, I got thoroughly confused.

Could someone provide me with the appropriate values for the appropriate fields?

Thanks much!
#10183 by AgentC
Sat May 23, 2009 11:58 am
First off, I'm a brand new ooma client, so I have not fully investigated the unit yet, but with the QoS controls of most consumer routers, the prioritization controls are pretty basic.
Based on the options you listed, prioritizing UDP (which is most VOIP traffic) would be the only one click solution, but would prioritize all UDP traffic, even non-voice so that's not the best solution.

Recommended would be:

Priority - 1
Protocol - Any
Source IP - ooma's IP - (e.g.
Source Port - any/all (or you can google what ooma's default port is or someone probably has it here)
Destination IP - any/all (if it offers this)
Source Port - any/all (if it offers this)

Read viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1355
for more on setup of ooma (pretty good info here)

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