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#109406 by voiceguy1
Wed May 01, 2013 5:49 am
For the last couple of days any outgoing calls are not completing, I can receive incoming calls fine, but on outgoing calls I hear one ring then just dead line noise. Evidently the call is ringing thru to the recipient, but I am not hearing anything. Just made a test call to and from my cellphone and I was able to ring the home phone (Ooma) fine, but making a call to my cellphone with the Ooma home system, there is no audio at all in either direction. The Ooma dialtone does return when I hang up the cell. Making a call from the cell to the Ooma, it rang thru but again there was no audio. I had a report of the same problem trying to call a family member, they picked up the phone but heard nothing from my end.

Info? Thanks.

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