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#102864 by squawker
Sun Nov 04, 2012 3:39 pm
New user. Created primary line and 2nd line on 11/02/12. Ran tests and all seemed fine.

On 11/04 2nd line is no longer working. When I place a call to my 2nd line, it rings the primary line. Tried rebooting the Telo. No change.
#102865 by thunderbird
Sun Nov 04, 2012 3:57 pm
squawker wrote:New user. Created primary line and 2nd line on 11/02/12. Ran tests and all seemed fine.

On 11/04 2nd line is no longer working. When I place a call to my 2nd line, it rings the primary line. Tried rebooting the Telo. No change.

That's the way it works if you have both phone numbers setup in the Main account. If you create a Private account in My Ooma, see: , with the second phone number in the private account, then when the second phone number is called, the second line will light.
#102867 by squawker
Sun Nov 04, 2012 5:53 pm
I chose two phone numbers during the initial installation of Telo, different area codes for each number. I plugged a two line phone into the Telo phone jack and was able to call-out on each line separately, as well as call in to each line from another location. But today the 2nd line is not-operable. Are you saying I need to set up a private account? The instructions on how to do this are vague. I actually have no idea what a "private account" is. I've already selected two numbers for the Telo. From what I understand in order to set up a private account I need to delete one of the numbers and reassign it to the "private account" on the same Telo device. Is that correct? (very confusing - ESPECIALLY when it was working fine on the first day.) Please clarify.

What I want is this: two lines, each with individual phone numbers on separate voice mail accounts. Can this be done on one Telo unit?
#102870 by murphy
Sun Nov 04, 2012 6:29 pm
There are only two wires in the Telo phone port.
It can only support one physical phone connection.
You will need a Linx to provide the second line connection for your two line phone.

A private account has to be created.
The Linx is assigned to the private account.
The second phone number is assigned to the Linx.
The private account has its own voicemail.
Login is via the second phone number and the password that you assigned when the private accouint was created.
#102871 by squawker
Sun Nov 04, 2012 7:18 pm
Thank you. But I'm not sure you're understanding. The Telo has one RJ-11 jack with 6 contacts (3 pairs.) When I initially set up the Telo I plugged a single RJ-11 cable (with 3 pairs of wires) into the back of the Telo and the other end into a 2-line telephone. The RJ-11 typically utilizes the outside pair for line 1 and the inside pair for line 2. When I connected the Telo to my 2-line phone both lines were hot, each corresponding to the two lines I initially chose when setting up the Telo. Now the 2nd line is dead on my phone and when I call the 2nd line it rings to my 1st line. So, why did it work initially and now, it's not working?
#102872 by squawker
Sun Nov 04, 2012 7:26 pm
I can show you my call log on Nov 2nd. It shows calls originating and terminating at both Telo numbers from my cell & existing land lines. I was able to call my 2nd Telo line from the 1st, and vice-versa, using my 2-line phone.
#102874 by murphy
Sun Nov 04, 2012 7:36 pm
Take a look inside of the Telo phone jack.
It has room for six wires but only the center two positions have wires in them.
#102876 by squawker
Sun Nov 04, 2012 7:43 pm
All I can say is I had TWO working lines on my 2-line phone, each driven by a separate pair connected by a single RJ-11 cable to the Telo.

Another question - why was I given the choice to select two phone numbers during initialization? And why did it both numbers work on Nov 2nd, but not now? If it worked then why do I need to buy another device to access the 2nd line now? I have all my call logs and will gladly show you calls TO and FROM both lines to outside lines, and TO and FROM each other. I picked up line 1, heard a dial tone, called line 2. The 2nd line rang & I picked it up. Put both lines on conference and heard my voice echo through both lines.
#102878 by squawker
Sun Nov 04, 2012 7:49 pm
I looked in the back of the Telo, and you're correct. Only a single pair. Not sure why I was able to have two active lines on my 2-line phone . . . (very strange.)

Several questions: So if there is only one hot pair coming out of the Telo, how do I access the 2nd line from my phone? I swear I was able to pick up my 2-line phone and make calls on the 2nd line (have the log to prove it.) And can I set up a separate voice mail for the 2nd line without buying something else (like the Lynx, which I have no interest in)?

Also, how do I disable the 2nd line on the Telo so I can assign it to a "private device"?
#102880 by thunderbird
Sun Nov 04, 2012 8:20 pm
Private Account Setup. Must have Ooma Premier Service:
Go to My Ooma , and after the page opens click on "Add Private Account". A window opens that has blanks to fill in. Give the account a name and fill in the blanks, then click on the Save button.
In the Private account that was just created, click on Set Up device and fill in the blanks for the Telo handset, or new HD2 handset or new Linx device. (Cannot mix Telo handset(s) with HD2 handset/Linx devices, but can have up to four Telo handsets, or a combination of up to, but no more than a total of four HD2 handset(s) and/or Linx device(s). Linx device ID can be found on outside Linx label. HD2 handset device Id can be found by clicking on HD2 handset Menu button, then using the Navigation Pad bar, select “About handset” (circle i Icon). Then press the Select button which is located in the middle of the Navigation Pad. Device ID number/letter combination is in the window list that opens.
In the Main account, click on the phone number that you want to use in the private account. In the window that opens called "Managing Phone Numbers", move the number to the Private account, by clicking on the down arrow, selecting the Private account and clicking on Save. Or for $5 a month, in the Private account you can click on the "Add New Phone Number", follow the links and follow instructions to add a third phone number. This option is used mostly for Fax lines. (Remember that only two calls can be active at one time, even if you have three or more lines, using an Ooma Telo).

It will tell you that it takes five minutes for the Ooma servers to recognize this transaction, but I found it take almost an hour to it work properly. Then test making/receiving phone calls.

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