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#98820 by dagnasty
Mon Aug 06, 2012 7:01 pm
My old Ooma Hub has been down since before 9pm ET here in Central NJ. Red blinking light - internet is fine obviously.
What's more disturbing is that I can't retrieve voicemail from either. That part of the website is returning some serious webserver errors:

"Ruby on Rails application could not be started"

Followed by lots of server verbiage...... NOT good. :o
Been very very happy with my Ooma service. But when it rains, seems it pours for them....
Maybe they tend to take vacation all at the same time??

"Error message:
Permission denied - /oomashare/www/myooma/log/myooma2-eqix-sv4.log
Exception class:
Application root:
/oomashare/www/myooma "
#98831 by GMOOMA
Tue Aug 07, 2012 3:30 am
Apparently, Ooma is trying to test/rollout new firmware (60118?) and there seems to be issues so they might roll this one back.. for now. I think Ooma should at least try to send you an email alert that your Ooma device will be updated witin a 24 hour window and that your service might be down during the process.. just to have it done randomly seems a consumer complaint waiting to happen, especially with all the new customers gained by recent promotions.

** Consumers have no way of knowing if they are being pushed a firmware update and might think there is a random crash/issue & unplug the ooma during this process (not good), so.. a consumer alert might be the best policy to let them know NOT to unplug it during this process and risk having the OOMA bricked... maybe a network update light flashing can cue the consumer in NOT to unplug the ooma on the next gen of Ooma. Or at least a ROBOcall by ooma alerting you..

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