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#97950 by sinoue
Wed Jul 18, 2012 8:56 pm
I was excited to read about ooma PureVoice HD but it was really unclear how a user can tell if their phone supports it.

Ooma - Is there any way you can show the data packet voice quality of a call in our call logs? If you could add some data metrics or graphs in the call logs that would indicate a SD or HD (Standard Definition vs High Definition) call, or a graph showing the data rate QoS it would be really helpful.

Right now you've advertised a cool feature, but users have no idea if they are taking advantage of it. I did like that the corded AT&T 210 phone is only $10 on Amazon and you report that you get PureVoice HD support with it.

Can you make a mention on if DECT 6.0 phones are supported? Most of us are using wireless phones and would like to know if any DECT phones are supported.

Can you make a mention on which routers support QoS. I use Apple Airport Extreme bridged with an Airport Express. I know some routers don't support QoS or need special configuration. Posting what few examples you have tested would help.

I know you ask that we connect Ooma ahead of our router, but for those of us that have put Ooma behind the firewall of our router can we still expect to get PureVoice HD quality?

Any chance you could add a feature to let use call a Ooma Quality Assurance number and get sent back via email statistics on the voice call and a report of any quality issues or if HD was supported on that call? It would be a competitive advantage and I can think of several patents around the QA testing methodology of VOIP. Ex: Have the email link back to your Ooma website (where you've recorded the call for training purposes!) and show a data graph over the waveform of the voice call with color coding showing where quality is good and where quality was bad - the user can actually hear both sides of the call and see what is going on during packet loss, etc.

I like the idea of encryption, but can you give details. I'm pretty sure not all of the call's transmission is encrypted. I assume this doesn't cover wireless connected phones from phone to the base. Is the encryption only to Oomas servers and then decrypted to the landline part? Can you turn of encryption? I assume ncryption does consume some extra data usage and may contribute to poorer coice quality.

Okay, lots of questions and comments, but I hope your support staff can hammer out a few of the questions. Thanks!

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