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#93181 by Oldboy76
Tue Feb 21, 2012 4:46 am
I have just purchased the OOMA box four days ago and I am having some problems. I have the OOMA box set up correctly and I have a cable modem with high speed internet. I have done all the required speed tests and I have done a google search and a forum search and I cannot seam to find a fix for my problem. Currently I have a new At&t dect 6 wireless handset pluged into the device. The model number is el52300. This handset comes with 2 "satelight" hand sets to make a total of 3 wireless phones.

My problem is this: I am a man and when I talk to my father or brother the phone works perfect. When I talk to my mother she will sometimes hear a Keypad sound like someone just pushed a number on the keypad. When my wife uses the new OOMA phone this happens OFTEN. Last night while my wife was speaking to her mother for 15 minutes it happend 4-5 times. This also occured when I had called my wife from work I heard the Keypad sound while talking to her.

As far as I can tell so far this problem only occurs when a female is on the phone line. Unfortunately I rarely use the phone myself but my wife and daughter use the phone frequently. This problem is making them very unhappy (along with my mother in law) and they are pressuring me to return the OOMA and keep my land line.

I should mention that at this time I still have my landline connected. (Not to or near the OOMA device) When I attach my cordless phone to the landline the problems go away. Furthermore that has never happened prior to the OOMA device.

I have attempted to lower the volume on the phones (which I found suggested on another post) and this did not seam to help. I also then attempted to contact customer suport. While the lady I was connected to was friendly enough she seamed to have some difficulty understanding either myself or the problem I was describing. What she did suggest that I try was to hook up a corded phone and test that. I have went ahead and tested a corded phone and my wife did hear a beep (Keypad sound) during one short phone conversation. I cannot say that we used the corded phone a lot but it did happen quite quickly during our test run. I would also like to say that a corded phone is really not a long term option for us. We have a young child and most of our phone converstations need us to be mobile while we watch him.

Lastly, I asked the tech support lady if the OOMA handset/cordless phone would eleminate this problem and she did not know.

So my question is this: How do I fix this problem? Is there a solution to the "Keypad beep" sound that occurs often when a female is on the line?

It would be acceptable to me if the problem occured say once a week but multiple times during every phone conversation when a lady is on the line will just not work for us.

Thanks for any help!!!!
#93182 by thunderbird
Tue Feb 21, 2012 6:05 am
DTMF tones are generated during a conversation by the person's voice not hearing the tones. usually if the person not hearing the DTMF tones, turns down their phone's audio volume slightly, less DTMF tones will be heard. Also if the person not hearing the DTMF tones will slightly lower their voice, helps also.

If you contact Ooma Customer Support again, reference that you are having DTMF Talk Off Issues (Keypad Sounds).
#93186 by Oldboy76
Tue Feb 21, 2012 6:21 am
Thanks for your quick reply!

I appreciate any and all help that I can get with this problem. I would like to state that I did attempt turning down the phone volume and this did not fix the problem. Should I then attempt to re-contact customer support? Is there any other fix for this problem?

Thanks again,
#93188 by thunderbird
Tue Feb 21, 2012 8:01 am
Oldboy76 wrote:Thanks for your quick reply!

I appreciate any and all help that I can get with this problem. I would like to state that I did attempt turning down the phone volume and this did not fix the problem. Should I then attempt to re-contact customer support? Is there any other fix for this problem?

Thanks again,

If turning down the audio volume slightly in both phones at each end of the conversation and speaking with a slightly lower voice volume level doesn't help, I'd contact Ooma Customer Support again. Sometimes Ooma can make small adjustments on their end.
#93275 by Oldboy76
Thu Feb 23, 2012 5:45 am
I thought I would ask here once more about the Keypad sounds. Since I last wrote in I have contacted customer support and spent a great deal of time with them. We ran the speed tests (again) found they were great (again) and then we went into the advanced OOMA options and made an adjustment. The support specialist that I talked with then informed me that the OOMA device was now properly set and we should not have any more keypad sounds.

Well, about one hour later, in the very first phone call my wife made to her mother, in a twenty minute period they heard four of them. The adjustment made by tech support appears to have made no difference.

So, do I have a faulty unit? Is there another adjustment to be made? Or, will OOMA just always cause keypad beep sounds when my wife talks to her mother?

Any help would be appreciated!

#93282 by murphy
Thu Feb 23, 2012 7:57 am
What you are experiencing is called "Touchtone Talk Off" and is a well known problem in any system that uses Touchtones.
It happens more frequently with female voices than it does with male voices.
Here is a discussion of the problem. ... es_or_DTMF

It is not unique to Ooma. Their circuitry that regenerates touchtones however can make it more difficult to eliminate.

Ooma first level support are script readers (you tell them a problem and they search their database for a hit and read you an answer) and would be clueless about the problem or how to solve it. You need to get escalated to a higher level where you are talking to someone that knows how to listen, analyze, and solve problems on his own.
#93296 by EX Bell
Thu Feb 23, 2012 12:15 pm
Just curious, have you tried hooking up a different phone to the Telo to see if the issue goes away? Like the article says, the frequency of your wife's voice might be just right to cause the Telo to generate Touch-Tone sounds. Perhaps a different phone would not cause the tones to occur since differences in microphones and amplifier circuit design can be very different from one manufacturer to the next. I have and have always preferred Panasonic phones. If you're not against trying a different manufacturer and you can still return the AT&T phones, it might be worth a shot.
#93326 by Oldboy76
Fri Feb 24, 2012 6:35 am
I appreciate the new tip! My wife and I did try a old corded phone that we had sitting around the house and she did still hear the sound. But, it was not a very long conversation. I think I will borrow a cordless phone from a neighbor and give it a try this weekend. It cant hurt to try a different brand.

Thanks again,
#93344 by EX Bell
Fri Feb 24, 2012 2:03 pm
Good idea. Just a note, I used to have Uniden 5Ghz cordless phones when I first bought my Telo. During the "testing" I discovered they were causing an issue.

Read pcwii's post here and mine that follows for more info.
#93357 by tc888
Fri Feb 24, 2012 10:22 pm
I bought my Telo around mid January and have been struggling with the same beeping issue with no resolution. I am using a top model of Panasonic wireless phones that performed very well with Bell line. I tried almost everything under the sun. Besides the regular router port forwarding (including the use of DMZ), QoS config, I even plug the Telo directly to the cable modem without connecting the router without any positive results. Pingtest and phonepower testings confirm that my cable internet connection is in excellent condition with 1ms jitter and no packet loss witha MOS of 4.40.

Other silly things that I have tried includes putting the Telo into a grounded metal box (acting as Faraday cage -- shielding from external interferences) with DSL fiter on the phone port. The problem still persists. All seems to point to an engineering design flaw (my speculation) -- i.e. faulty analog voice to digital conversion routine in the Telo hardware/firmware.

I also scanned through the web and found out this issue already existed way back in 2010. One Telo owner bought a unit at Wallmart and encountered this beeping and he/she did not get any resolution.You may refer to these posts on this forum, from people who have experienced this same unresolved issue.


I have reported this issue to Ooma support many weeks ago (clode to one full month) and they said this has been escalated (to where? I really do not know). I got a few calls from their call center personnel (from Phillipines?) and they keep on asking me to try just the regular routines and suggest that I test my Telo at another house. They do not have a clue what is going on and hope that the issue will go away. Unfortunately, this issue is present and will continue to hunt many more innocent buyers. I should have bought my Telo from Costso or Best Buy. Now I could not return the unit for refund and since the initial costs are so high. Now I am stuck with a piece of hardware that does not perform up to my expectations and to what Oooma claims.

I wasted many and many hours on testing all sort of things with no results. On top of that, I have also encountered a major issue by putting the Telo before the router. My internet connection which is very reliable went down many times and I have to reboot the Telo to re-establish my internet connection. The Telo is now reconnected after the router as it could not be trusted.

I will endure this issue until I recover my investment or until I will be fed up with this beeping issue. So I opted out of the Premeier Service and canceled my plan of porting my land line and buying extendedd warranty, i.e. limiting the damages. I am now researching other VOIP options.

On the positive side, Ooma does respond to my support requests but with no concrete results. The voice quality excluding the very annoying beeps (this cut soff the conversation badly), is generally good. However I did experience a lot of delay on long distance calls and have to literally stop a second or two during my conversations. This beeping problem seems to be isolated.

My latest e-mail dated back Feb 21st has not yet been replied. They did try to reach me at my home phone number but It was not at home at that time (around 5pm). I guess that I am now considered as a lost cause for them as they are just uncapable to fix this long overdue design flaw and they are not willing to extend their support to have a fully satisfied customer. They already got my money and ran with it!

In summary, new buyers beware. Make sure that you buy from a vendor with a generous return policy.


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