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#91835 by markcm
Mon Jan 16, 2012 10:25 am
Hi, I'm new to OOMA, and have a Telo hub. At first connection I had some pretty bad noise issues on the remote end only, the connection was pretty good on my end and I don't hear any of the noise. I have a panasonic 5.8ghz phone set that was plugged directly into the ooma and sitting right next to it; I suspected and read this might be an issue so I connected the Telo to my wall jack and then put the wireless phone in another room aobut 30 feet away. This seems to have resolved that issue of call quality when I am on the phone with my guest althoug I still have a severe intermittent noise that is only on the remote end during (some) answering machine/voicemail recordings.

This happens about half the time, on inbound calls as soon as the telo picks up as an answering machine there is a loud consistent frequency of about 5hz ticking noise. When this happens, it ticks at the same rate from the moment the telo picks up through out the complete call. When this happens, the noise is exclusively on the remote end, it cannot be heard at the telo or in the voice message recording. I am wondering if this is even happening on any of my hardware at my house or if it is possibley an OOMA thing; I presume that messeages are all recorded and stored on a server, not actually in the Telo hub?

I have download speeds up to or above 20mb and upload of about 5mb. I have X10 home automation hardware and my ethernet is extended using Zyxel ethernet over power line access points; those of course make me a little suspicious but based on this noise only existing on the remote end and being intermittent I don't personally think those are the highest suspects. (granted I don't know much about this ooma stuff).

I have re-recorded my message with no improvement and this noise lasts through the message and recording, until the call is ended. I have rebooted the telo with no improvement. I have not made any adjustments to the telo configuration (MAC settings, transfer rates...)

Does this sound familiar or spark any ideas?
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#91837 by thunderbird
Mon Jan 16, 2012 11:19 am
Test using a corded phone. While testing remove power from the cordless phone base. Again, remove power from any cordless phone base(s) in your home for this test. Some older design cordless phone bases, even though the phone line is disconnected, if still powered, will cause problems as you discribed.
#91889 by markcm
Tue Jan 17, 2012 10:33 pm
I did a ton of troubleshooting today. still no sure resolution but I did see a pattern related to incoming calls from cellular. It doesn't matter if I pick up the call or the ooma answering maching picks up. I also noticed that calling on my cell in 4G nearly always caused the noise but when I put my phone in 2g mode it did not make noise. I also noticed that I can call my OOMA from Google Voice and NEVER get noise, and I called quite a few times from my work land line today and didn't get any noise. Is it possible there's a relation between cellular 3/4g and my ooma causing noise on the cellular end? Now that I think about it, most all of the conversations I have where there was a complaint of ticking noise were from cellular incoming calls.

Here's some troubleshooting I did today. I received a call (from a 4g T-mobile) who reported the ticking noise so I asked them to hold the line while I went and unplugged my Panasonic 5.8 phone from the wall power and phone line, it made no difference. next I noticed that the activity light on my Xycel PLA-407 homeLink was blinking about the same rate as the ticking noise so I unplugged all of those and completely removed them, no improvement. Next I tried two other 5v 2A switching power supplies with center positive plugs like the OOMA (same IC based type of power supply that the OOMA comes with) and a pretty decent bench top power supply with regulated voltage and current, all of them still made noise on the remote end when calling from cellular but always clear when calling from Google voice or my work landline. I can call from GV, then cell, the GV again one after the other and keep getting the same result. I stripped everyting down to my modem-->router-->ooma-->wired telephone plugged directly in to the ooma. nothing else was attached or powered on but it made no difference, the noise was still there on the remote end when calling in from a 3/4g cellular.

What are you guys thinking, any chance my setup is sensitive to 3/4g cellular incoming calls?
#91893 by markcm
Tue Jan 17, 2012 11:15 pm
I have not tried placing the ooma before the router, directly connected to the modem because it is in a remote location. I can try it for testing purposes tomorrow; thanks for the suggestion.

I just looked in the configuration of my router and realized it has its own QOS engine enabled as well; I disabled it but it made no difference. I have a D-link DIR-601, it has a ton of settings, all of which I've left to original.
#91900 by thunderbird
Wed Jan 18, 2012 4:38 am
markcm wrote:I have not tried placing the ooma before the router, directly connected to the modem because it is in a remote location. I can try it for testing purposes tomorrow; thanks for the suggestion.

I just looked in the configuration of my router and realized it has its own QOS engine enabled as well; I disabled it but it made no difference. I have a D-link DIR-601, it has a ton of settings, all of which I've left to original.

For testing, besides connecting Modem-Router-corded phone, plug the modem and Ooma Telo into a regular wall power, or a different wall power outlet.

If you still have problem using these connections, probably the Ooma Telo is defective. If so, and your Ooma Telo is within the one year warranty period, Ooma will probably send a replacement Ooma Telo shipping prepaid. Also they will send a prepaid shipping label to return the defective unit.
#91925 by pete532
Wed Jan 18, 2012 1:22 pm
UPDATE: Re your tests with GV, I tried calling my ooma number from Skype, and the noise was present.

markcm, I am having the same problem. Very loud 5Hz ticking noise on about 50% of incoming calls only, heard only by the callers. Most of the problem calls are from cell phones, but when I call my ooma number from my own 3G Verizon cell phone, the noise only happens about half the time. It is very hard to troubleshoot because behavior is inconsistent.

Ooma support has been unable to fix the problem, so I am SOL. Bad calls are unusable. I have spent several hours working on configuration changes, and nothing helps. Currently using Comcast cable modem > Ooma Telo > Router > Computers. In Ooma setup, set up/down speeds to zero and selected Built-In MAC Address (per Ooma support).

I cannot believe that you and I are the only ones with this problem. So how come Ooma doesn't have a solution?

Please keep informed of any progress at your end. Thanks :)
#91928 by markcm
Wed Jan 18, 2012 1:46 pm
Yes, I will keep posting here. I really don't think it's a configuration problem or local interference as I,ve also tried all the config changes like bandwidth, QOS in telo and my router, mac, static IP, location of unit in house, isolated transformer based regulated power source, remove possible offending equipment, hard reset of telo. Nothing matters, inbound cell calls (4G particularly) are overwhelmed with the noise.

I happen to have a second telo, refurbished from on the way, it will be interesting to see if it has the same effect. I will also try the telo in a different house when I get a chance.

It's great when it works but most calls come in via cell and many are corrupted with this ticking.
#91954 by markcm
Wed Jan 18, 2012 11:01 pm
I connected my Telo directly to the modem tonight, no router or anything, just the OOMA into a Comcast Terayon TJ715x modem and I still got the clicking noise when calling in from a cell phone. I notice that the activity/data light on the modem flickers about the same rate as the clicking; this was calling from a cell phone. we also have a land line, I tried calling the ooma from the landline many times but could not get the ticking noise, just a nice clean signal!

Now how about this, I initiated a call from the cell phone and answered at the telo, it was ticking like crazy on the cell phone end and clear on the telo just like always. While keeping this call active, I then called in from the land line and picked up line 2 on the telo which established a nice clean connection while line 1 was still ticking on the cell, then I pushed 1&2 to make a conference call; I now had both the cell phone and land line connected on a single conference with the telo, the ticking persisted on the cell phone and not on the land line ore telo yet all three were on a single conference. What the heck?!
#91958 by thunderbird
Thu Jan 19, 2012 1:06 am
There appears to be at least three prople that are having this problem.

See post viewtopic.php?f=4&t=13207

Because the problem is probably on the Ooma Side, everyone should contact Ooma Customer Support and report the problem.

Customer Support
Phone: 1-888-711-OOMA (6662)
Monday-Friday 7am-7pm PST
Saturday-Sunday 8am-5pm PST

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