Started having QOS issues when performing online backup

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Re: Started having QOS issues when performing online backup

Post by atjaguarx » Fri Dec 30, 2011 10:46 am

thunderbird wrote:atjaguarx:
First go to the Ooma Forum thread below and read about AT&T Modem/Routers.


In most of those AT&T Modem/Routers, there is a reset function. Serveral people have reported the all of their Ooma problems have gone away after the Modem/Router reset. Others have just bought a better Modem and/or router and their Ooma problems went away.

For the One Way Conversation issue, Ooma now says they will be adding the fix to their servers through next week and the week after.
Just to be clear, I have had NO issues with Ooma or my AT&T router. The thread mentioned above contains a lot of complaints about the AT&T router that I have not experienced. All my Ooma conversations are perfectly clear until I begin large upstream transfers (either a bandwidth test or data backups). When the Ooma is placed between my router and all my devices and I have QOS enabled, the bandwidth test did not impact the quality of the phone call. I have to retest the QOS with a online backup.

I'm not sure if it's a Ooma, AT&T or Online Backup issue.

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