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#86514 by psmsmallengines
Mon Aug 29, 2011 4:38 pm
As I have posted before, Have had my telo since the end of june. Every week there is an issue it seems. The latest, When I use my Cordless phone in my house, Or, my Hard wired phone it knocks out my wireless internet connection to my laptop!! I am on the verge of going back to my old phone company and paying up the $52.00 a month and calling it a day. I unplugged the Telo and did a reset. I then went online from a wired internet connection in my Office, No problem, worked just fine. Then went back upstairs and used one of the laptops. I took the corded phone in the kitchen off the hook. I then went and checked the laptop in the living room, No problem, it stayed connected this time. Then, I used a laptop and made a call with the cordless phone and it promptly knocked it off line. Is there a way to avoid this, I have no problem using the cordless...Until now. The last issue I had was with the ooma handset, I sent all three back so that issue is gone, Issue before that was the day Ooma went down, the issue before that and before that was the ooma handset freezing etc. Then before that, was trying to port a number over. Anyway, I could use some advice again, thanks for any help anyone can give me.
#86515 by southsound
Mon Aug 29, 2011 4:46 pm
I am going to venture a guess that the cordless system is one of the older 2.4 ghz or 5.8 ghz models. Both use the same frequency band as WiFi B and G. Even though the 5.8 system is newer, many use 2.4 ghz for signalling between the base and handsets. Your new configuration is probably using part of your phone wiring to act as an unwanted antenna. My Plantronics CT-12 can knock off a laptop in a heartbeat.

The newer DECT 6.0 phones use 1.9 ghz and are relatively interference free. Lots of new features, low cost add to make them a real bargain. You should be able to find a nice system at about $20 or less per handset - and the handsets can call each other so you can easily transfer a call to someone!
#86516 by psmsmallengines
Mon Aug 29, 2011 5:05 pm
O.K. now I am getting somewhere!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I dont want to spend $52.00 a month if I dont have to. I know things have little bugs that have to be worked out, I do like Ooma, dont get me wrong. Thanks very much for your taking the time to help me, I will go out tomorrow and check those out. My wife had been bugging me to get rid of the corded phone in the kitchen anyway, I guess everything happens for a reason. I do have an update though, After the reset, I said I used the corded phone again and had No More issue. I then tried the corded phone again and used MY laptop again, I had used the older one we had before and I had No Issue, it DID NOT disconnect me. I then tried the cordless again just for the heck of it and yes, again, it did knock out the wireless connection. To the store I go in the a.m.!! thanks again!!

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