This forum includes tips for maintaining the best audio quality possible with the Ooma System. If your Ooma system is having issues with dropped calls, static audio or echo, look here for assistance.
#83476 by davekuch
Tue Jun 21, 2011 6:08 am
Hi All,

Just received my Ooma box yesterday. I connected it directly behind my cable modem. Called the wife and had excellent call quality. However, with the Ooma box in this configuration, I could no longer get an internet connection for any of the computers connected to the router. Is there a trick to this?

After I moved the Ooma to behind my router, Internet connections were restored, but call quality became an issue. I could hear the person on the other end of the call fine, but my outgoing voice was breaking up.

Following the suggestions in the forum, I have changed the MAC address setting, placed the QoS on the Ooma box in my router to high, and played with the QoS values in Ooma setup. I now can make calls, but the quality is about that of a poor cell phone - not good enough for what I would like to do.

I'm planning on moving the Ooma to the DMZ next and seeing what that does. Any other suggestions I should hit as well? I did run a speedtest, but unfortunately don't have the numbers with me. I do recall that Jitter was about 23 msec, which seems high from reading other posts. Are there things you can to the network to reduce jitter?

Thanks in advance...excited by the prospect of what Ooma offers...but need to trust that my outgoing calls will be consistently high quality. I'm planning on using the Ooma to make sales calls, and if my customers are having a hard time hearing me it doesn't reflect well on me.

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