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#83244 by OomaUser75048
Wed Jun 15, 2011 6:50 pm
New Ooma user here. We have been testing Ooma calling and being called by different people and getting acceptable results. We have tested local calls as well as long distance, both incoming and outgoing, all with acceptable results.

Today we tried to make a long distance call to 1-620-767-XXXX and after dialing we just heard silence. We let it stand for a couple of minutes before hanging up. Tried this two or three times with the same results. Called the same number from a Verizon landline (twice) and got a busy signal -- yes, there are still people who do not have call waiting or voicemail.

Does anybody have anything to offer in this situation? Does anybody know of issues around Ooma relaying busy signals back to the caller?

Configuration is: Ooma Telo behind Westell 9100EM Bridge/Router on Verizon Fios service 15 megabits down / 5 megabits up. The Qos settings in the Westell 9100EM are configured to give the Ooma top priority over all other traffic. I have taken the Cisco CCNA and CCNP classes and I am pretty sure I did this correctly. Ooma is behind the Westell bridge/router/switch because that is the only way it can be configured as Fios in these parts is delivered on RG-6 Coaxial cable, for which Ooma does not have a port or bridging capability.
#83245 by lbmofo
Wed Jun 15, 2011 7:22 pm
Welcome. I know Ooma works relaying back busy signal when calling my folks (Qwest with no call waiting) so maybe it has to do with how Council Grove Telephone Co implemented their busy signal or how your particular Ooma carrier works with that busy signal? Not sure. One thing you can try....see if same thing when dialing with *99 prefix (codec best for fax; wider bandwidth) or *98 prefix (same as *99 but with echo cancellation).

How are your other calls. Any other calls where you experience slience and not connection?
#83246 by OomaUser75048
Wed Jun 15, 2011 7:48 pm
Thanks for the reply. Since getting the Qos setings correct, this is the first real "issue" we have encountered. On other calls, we usually ask the other party about voice quality (usually while running multiple internet speed tests in an attempt to saturate the connection) and they all report very good quality. Today somebody called me on the Verizon landline (also on Fios) and I immediately called them back on the Ooma and when I asked about quality he told me the Ooma delivered better quality than Verizon.

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