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#75350 by Cataphract
Thu Feb 17, 2011 8:19 am
I have come across a very weird issue when calling Magicjack #'s with Ooma. I have given MJ's to my folks, my wife's folks and her sister, all of them live overseas but the MJ has a local # from my own calling area.

So everything was fine and I was able to communicate with all three MJ #'s from my landline. Once i switched to Ooma, when i try to call any of those 3 #'s, it rings two times and then everything goes silent on my end, no tone, nobody talking etc..and then in a few seconds, I get the dialtone back on my ooma phone. All the while the parties on the other side say that they pick up the phone and start talking but can't hear a thing on our side.

This is happening consistently on all Three MJ #'s. I am able to call the MJ #'s just fine if I call using my cell phone or even from my office. They are able to call my Ooma # just fine from their MJ #. The only problem is placing calls from my Ooma # to the MJ #.

Has anyone else experienced this? I would really like to find a solution to this as it has frustrated my wife to no end and she is almost to the point where she is beginning to think this was a bad decision as over 50% of our calls are those 3 #'s.

Any help solving this problem is greatly appreciated.

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