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#74338 by zten
Thu Feb 03, 2011 3:05 pm
EA PA wrote: I can only test after by surrendering OOMA to wife for the real test drive and wait on the results.

I hear you on that one, Brother! me? I have no problem with 1 out of 5 outgoing calls not working. Problem is the wife expects perfection. Just this morning I said "if it doesn't work, just try again". Boy ole boy, that was an absurd suggestion. "if this isn't working right, how do I know all my incoming calls are working right?" Then I said "fewer incoming calls would be great. Phone rings too much anyway." Then she got pissed. LOL! :P

Anyway, again, I was all on board with the idea of independence from my Telco. Lord knows, if this won't work out, I won't go back to POTS. Those crooks won't get my business. They stuck it to me for years with absurd fees and long distance charges, I guess I'll go with Vonage or Comcast's VOIP. I just want my ooma to be 99.99% reliable like my old POTs was.
#74352 by EA PA
Thu Feb 03, 2011 5:20 pm
zten - I understand your argument. However, tech is taking us to another place quickly. Hell, 15 years ago, the question was "internet wha?" :shock: Frankly i'm impressed VOIP even works sometimes.

OOMA business plan to get premier customers at 10 bucks per mo may be viable. Personally, 100 Million houses x 10 bucks per month will keep me in a full stock of good scotch... Even if they get 5% of the US homes alone, thats still 50 Mil in revs - def small cap but the point is that I think there is a viable business plan as long as the capital is there to support expansion of hardware necessary to support growth. Not to mention that Id love to see the copper line guys beg me to come back for 10 bucks a month...

Everyone I know with OOMA has Premier. They haven't purposely boned me yet, so Ill stick with it for awhile. I do love a good project - not for everyone though. Give them a call, they do answer.

And for the you I could do without it all.... Im setting records with the damned cells, smartphones and copperlines and now OOMA - I want to shed something soon. You gave me a good idea though - phone without ringing.....check once per week..Does OOMA preference allow no ring? need to check. (found it - DO NOT DISTURB)! Im running 12% call failures - good enough for me, but wife demands 100. C'mon OOMA
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#74358 by winneymj
Thu Feb 03, 2011 5:50 pm
I have had the Ooma for a couple of months now, have the same issue with the answer machine/voice mail greeting not being heard at all. When I call my work phone from home with cell phone, I hear my voice mail greeting after it rings for 4 times.
When I do the same with Ooma call, I get the 4 rings then silence. What I do notice is that the message is recorded if I speak into the silence, I just don't get the greeting.
This has been happening with the neighbors answer machines also.
Have sent in support email.
Will see what they have to say, and will let you know.

My area code is 414

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#74359 by EA PA
Thu Feb 03, 2011 5:59 pm
I called OOMA about the cell issue - OOMA calls cell, and cell cant hear OOMA user for 5 seconds. I dont know if this is the problem you describe, however they recommended changing the Preferences in System to 10 digit and my cell issue went away. Also, calling a cell local with 7 digits and then # worked as well.. Lastly *99 then number has worked for me. Good luck
#74402 by EA PA
Fri Feb 04, 2011 9:18 am
ntoy - tested today. 12 calls all OB, local - had 3 fail to connects. Dialed using 7 digit and 10 digits combination. Im in 570 Area. tested my net connection frequently all with < 5 ms jitter, 0 packet loss, speed > 5 mbps > 450 kbps and quality > 95% in each case. No calls were made using *99. Yesterday, I ran about 12% failure, similar conditions.

Character of no connect was a variety. Some were dial tone when connected to answering machine, some were recipient could hear, but OOMA caller could not. I cannot pin down specific repeatable characteristics of the fail - seems to be a mix of conditions. I can say that I tried 3, IB calls with no issues.

Ill try and document the specifics of each fail and post as I go along.
#74403 by Bosco
Fri Feb 04, 2011 9:24 am
I know I will have a problem with my call, when the phone rings faster than normal. When it stops ringing I get silence, then I will have about a 15 second delay before me and my party can start talking. I started having these issues about a week ago. I have had no problems from Ooma until then. I still love my Ooma, so please fix it before I start to hate it. I call in the 770 area code if that helps any.
#74406 by EA PA
Fri Feb 04, 2011 10:47 am

I guess the cell issue is not totally resolved. In this one case, OOMA called cell using 10 digit, no # key, in 570 area code. Cell answered and could hear OOMA user. However, OOMA user could not hear cell user for about 5 seconds, then the call connected without further problem.
#74408 by ntoy
Fri Feb 04, 2011 10:55 am
EA PA wrote:ntoy,

I guess the cell issue is not totally resolved. In this one case, OOMA called cell using 10 digit, no # key, in 570 area code. Cell answered and could hear OOMA user. However, OOMA user could not hear cell user for about 5 seconds, then the call connected without further problem.


Your 570 calls are going out a different carrier. Please send me a personal message of the calls & include: date, timestamp, phone number, exact symptom heard by both parties & I can address with our carrier.


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