Issue 1: GVoice & 2nd Line; Issue 2: Call Quality

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Issue 1: GVoice & 2nd Line; Issue 2: Call Quality

Post by jgreg » Tue Nov 30, 2010 8:06 pm

Hi! My Telo and 2 handsets are but two weeks old. I'm also hard wired to about 6 phones (through the phone port of the Telo). I followed through on my plans today to notify Vonage to go bye-bye at the end of the week but frankly... I'm getting a little uneasy.

First there was the lengthy tweaking of the Ooma Telo / Google Voice relationship and the ultimate response from Ooma that the" #483" buttons that the Help instructs me to push from either of my two Ooma handsets to reach my Gvoice mail ... ahhhh.... is a "known problem". They have no fix yet. I was so stunned after having committed my 2nd line to tie to GVoice that I let the young lady off the hook and didn't ask any more questions.... like.... "Then what the heck is the benefit of having that 2nd line tied to Gvoice?" It has to be dedicated so it can't be called directly by anyone. I think I'd be better served by simply removing the check mark from "Preferrences | Google Voice | Enable Google Voice" and getting my second line back. Am I missing something here?

Second, when using a wired phone (can't remember about the Ooma ones yet 'cause I have a low volume of calls now and usually reach for the regular phone rather than these pint size puppies) I keep checking with the other party about quality of service. No one has complained (though I did on my end) .... until tonight. After about 10 minutes of conversation the party couldn't hear me. They were coming in clear as a bell but the whole affair brought back memories of my old marriage; I'm talkin' away and the other party hears zip! Might as well have been talkin' ta' the wall. This ever happen to anyone of you? ... the phone part; not the spouse part.

Well... my land line was slated for disconnection in December; personal schedule not yet revealed to Vorizon. (Boy! Am I ever gonna' enjoy THAT call!) But after this evening, I just might hold off another month.

As mentioned under the second issue, I would occasionally suspect an issue that the other party didn't. When I attempted to talk there appeared to be a duplex issue (I think that's what it's called); a second or so as I would start to speak while the other party was still talking the phone receiver background sounded as though the other party didn't receive that utterance... but apparently they did. It just "sounds" funny on my end for a split second and I find myself repeating or starting over.

Any comments on either of these two Ooma issues would be appreciated.

P.S. By the way, the Telo is immediately behind the cable modem and in front of my router.

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